1. Circle / Website photoshop material design css3 animation logo html5 webdesign responsive web design art direction html css website ios ux ui web landing page google android app user interface experience iphone mobile application
    Circle / Website
  2. XD Auto-Animation design application ui mobile motion prototype madewithadobexd
    XD Auto-Animation
  3. Lock screen webdesign ui simple circle key lock web mobile page design ux landing screen site ios interface teasing loading android
    Lock screen
  4. Let There Be Dropbox dropbox dribbble playoff logo graphic design box cloud light
    Let There Be Dropbox
  5. HackerRank / Homepage Concept app mission hackerrank startup ux motion animation design web homepage website ui
    HackerRank / Homepage Concept
  6. Hackerrank / Core Values Poster Prints print poster office hackerrank
    Hackerrank / Core Values Poster Prints
  7. HackerRank 2019 Developer Skills Report illustrated by code generated code art website design survey data charts developer skills report
    HackerRank 2019 Developer Skills Report
  8. TenXList Website screen click through professional women network website progress bar web design flow
    TenXList Website
  9. Hackerrank / Tech Talent Matrix hiring hackerrank webdesign tech talent branding landing page concept
    Hackerrank / Tech Talent Matrix
  10. Voxel Environment voxels cubes design render experiment voxel art voxel 3d environment
    Voxel Environment
  11. Assistant App / Landing page homepage landing website download app webdesign display mobile web design application page
    Assistant App / Landing page
  12. PageCloud / Demo craftedwithpagecloud
    PageCloud / Demo
  13. Circle circle simplicity simple clean retina iphone ui mobile design screen ios android
  14. The Interface #4 with Marcin Treder (Design Tools) beer designers design tools the interface meetup
    The Interface #4 with Marcin Treder (Design Tools)
  15. 2018
  16. Y-GAMES / 6 Landing Pages game e-games landing page hearthstone rocket league league of legends counter-strike fifa 2016 dota 2 web design
    Y-GAMES / 6 Landing Pages
  17. HackerRank / Office 3 Canvases code generated art print canvas hiring office hackerrank
    HackerRank / Office 3 Canvases
  18. PartySmasher / Settings dashboard settings dashboard application webdesign system drink party web ui gamification app b2c ux
    PartySmasher / Settings dashboard
  19. People in Need / Website charity website mobile karma
    People in Need / Website
  20. Amazon Enterprise Apps / Branding branding system enterprise productivity apps logo brand aws amazon
    Amazon Enterprise Apps / Branding
  21. Smart Remote ux ui mobile samsung android app remote control tv galaxy s4
    Smart Remote
  22. Circle / Behind the Scenes circle design process recontruction scenes web screen behind
    Circle / Behind the Scenes
  23. ShoutFlow / Splash + Loading circle simplicity simple clean shoutflow retina iphone ui mobile screen app android loading
    ShoutFlow / Splash + Loading
  24. Incoming Call circle simplicity simple clean retina iphone ui mobile call
    Incoming Call
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