1. Fello AI – Handy MacOS Client for ChatGPT ai ai app app assistant chat bot chatbot chatgpt chatgpt app design gpt 4 macos minimalist ui usability ux
    View Fello AI – Handy MacOS Client for ChatGPT
    Fello AI – Handy MacOS Client for ChatGPT
  2. iOS14 Widget Kit flat ios ios14 kit minimal quick start template ui widgets
    View iOS14 Widget Kit
    iOS14 Widget Kit
  3. Future of Spendee (Sneak Peek) ai analytics app assistant cards colours finance flat ios minimal ui
    View Future of Spendee (Sneak Peek)
    Future of Spendee (Sneak Peek)
  4. Spendee Web App on Product Hunt app desktop finance form money overview spendee transactions ui ux wallet web
    View Spendee Web App on Product Hunt
    Spendee Web App on Product Hunt
  5. Spendee gonna be iPhone X ready app categories finance income iphone x management minimal money simple spendee spending tracker
    View Spendee gonna be iPhone X ready
    Spendee gonna be iPhone X ready
  6. Cooking app concept app cook book cooking food ios minimal recipes restaurants shadows simple
    View Cooking app concept
    Cooking app concept
  7. Angee Timeline analytics angee app dashboard ios iphone security stream timeline
    View Angee Timeline
    Angee Timeline
  8. Spendee icons app budget calendar flat graph icon money overview spendee statistics wallet
    View Spendee icons
    Spendee icons
  9. Meteoric Game design fun game gamee meteor planets space sun tetris
    View Meteoric Game
    Meteoric Game
  10. Spendee Loading Animation animation facebook flat gif hover link linkedin share buttons twitter
    View Spendee Loading Animation
    Spendee Loading Animation
  11. Spendee Permission Dialogs dialogs flat illustration locations notifications permission photos simple spendee
    View Spendee Permission Dialogs
    Spendee Permission Dialogs
  12. Quotee App app black cite ios project quote simple yellow
    View Quotee App
    Quotee App
  13. Settings icons calendar export icons news reminder share support sync widget
    View Settings icons
    Settings icons
  14. Spendee Pickers & Dialogs app dialog finance flat minimal picker popup search select spendee
    View Spendee Pickers & Dialogs
    Spendee Pickers & Dialogs
  15. Spendee Overview Redesign analytics app charts finance graphs ios mobile overview simple spendee ui
    View Spendee Overview Redesign
    Spendee Overview Redesign
  16. Spendee Overview analytics app finance graph numbers overview simple spendee stats
    View Spendee Overview
    Spendee Overview
  17. Angee for Android analytics angee graph simple stats temperature timeline
    View Angee for Android
    Angee for Android
  18. Angee Landing Page angee flat kickstarter landing page minimal mobile ui web
    View Angee Landing Page
    Angee Landing Page
  19. Angee for Android android angee app camera colors design flat kid material mobile security
    View Angee for Android
    Angee for Android
  20. Snippit app explore feed flat ios music purple social network
    View Snippit
  21. Spendee 2.0 analytics android categories charts flat graph icons lollipop material design minimal spendee ui
    View Spendee 2.0
    Spendee 2.0
  22. Earth Day baloon clouds day earth flat illustration material design planet
    View Earth Day
    Earth Day
  23. Spendee 2.0 is coming! android flat illustration l material design spendee
    View Spendee 2.0 is coming!
    Spendee 2.0 is coming!
  24. Snippit Redesign app feed ios music profile snippit social ui
    View Snippit Redesign
    Snippit Redesign
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