Graphic designer specializing in visual identity, experience, product, and web design.

My motivation is to ✨prettify✨ emerging companies through an effective connection with their target audience.

👍My added value

My creation process, both in branding and product design, is based not only on the needs of the client and their respective stakeholders, but also on an exhaustive study of current and future trends, so that the resulting product is fresh, eye-catching and it lasts in time.

💪My skills

- Graphic design: Logos, Corporate presentations, Digital marketing, Onepage, etc.
- Product design (App, SaaS): Market research, Analysis, UX strategy definition, Prototyping, UI design (Low-fid to High-Fid).
- Web Design: Prototyping, UI Design, No-Code and front-end development.

💻Programs and languages that I often use

Figma - Adobe xD - Miro - Zeplin
Adobe Photoshop - Illustrator - After Effects - Indesign - Premiere
Webflow - Wordpress - HTML - CSS - JS - jQuery - Vue

Barcelona, Spain

Member since Jan 2023

Brand / Graphic Design

UI / Visual Design

UX Design / Research

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Marina Serrano