1. AEQUO Legal Tech Challenge 2019 idea mentor challenge ui hero section hero image landing competition blue legaltech lincoln love tech law
    AEQUO Legal Tech Challenge 2019
  2. Aquaspirit website text border models screen design ui typography grid blue minimal web inspire boat boats design ui design
    Aquaspirit website
  3. Flypay logo money finance credit card banking bank pink pay logo identity fly blue
    Flypay logo
  4. Flypay logo blue pink fly pay f logo f identity logo
    Flypay logo
  5. One dribble invite left hello pink dribbble one hang finger invite invites debut
    One dribble invite left
  6. On/Off Switch turn on app dailyui white blue switch off on
    On/Off Switch
  7. Countdown timer in the subway bar progress progress bar line blue dailyui subway metro time timer
    Countdown timer in the subway
  8. Direct Messaging animation dailyui send app photos text add attachment attachments messenger messaging
    Direct Messaging
  9. Flash message success dailyui animation star blue yellow button favorites message flash
    Flash message
  10. Social share in music player social share music player play button dailyui app sound animation
    Social share in music player
  11. Music player animation sound. app dailyui button play player music
    Music player
  12. 404 geometry figures brutalism web brutalism ui dailyui green blue 404 brutalist
  13. Payments settings scroll profile dailyui white bank visa settings payments
    Payments settings
  14. Photographer's profile dailyui photos photographer photo add profile
    Photographer's profile
  15. Shhhine — application for moms and their babies s shine orange pink heart love mother child logo icon app dailyui
    Shhhine — application for moms and their babies
  16. Calculator calculator design shake blue app ui design dailyui calculator
  17. Ukraine  Economy  Week education conference page landing landing page shadow ui design dailyui red economics visa
    Ukraine Economy Week
  18. Credit Card Checkout pink black checkout credit card steps bank card bank ui design ui simple dailyui animation
    Credit Card Checkout
  19. Sign Up form challenge ui design simple animation sign in sign up ui 001 dailyui
    Sign Up form
  20. Brutalism is on the march fashion industry creative coworking school fashion brutalism brutalist web design
    Brutalism is on the march
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