1. Comfy Cat hand drawn illustration flat cell animation hand drawn 2d animation animated gif animation illustraion
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    Comfy Cat
  2. Vote election vote early typographic design vote2020 geometric pattern geometric typographic typography gif animated gif animation
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  3. Vote! animated gif hand drawn frame by frame 2d animation cell animation animation illustration election vote
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  4. 715 Brewery Illustrations illustrations characters hand drawn illustration
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    715 Brewery Illustrations
  5. Happy Dance flat illustration gif animation
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    Happy Dance
  6. Working Late gif animation illustration
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    Working Late
  7. My World Icons flat icon set icons design icon design illustration gif animation
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    My World Icons
  8. Space illustration gif animation
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  9. The New Office new normal gif illustration animation working from home working space
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    The New Office
  10. Digital Portrait procreate portrait digital illustration digital art illustration
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    Digital Portrait
  11. Travel Preparation icons gif illustration animation
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    Travel Preparation
  12. Countdown gif animation
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