I'm Gabrielle – but you can call me Brie.

I’m the founder of Pixel & Ink Branded Media, and owner of Gabrielle Elizabeth Studios, LLC. I’m an academia-defector, who abandoned plans for a Ph.D after my thesis because… well… I kinda wanted to do my own thing.

From the moment I started working, as a literal 15 year old, I was amazed by what women could build entrepreneurially – and I still am.

And in 2013, I started working… for me.

I’ll spare you all the gorey details, but 7 years later, now we’re HERE.

I live just outside of London (also a long story) with my soon-to-be-husband, and every day I work with entrepreneurs like you, who are doing the damn thing.

So take a look at my work, then let’s talk. ♥︎ I wanna chat, and see what we can build together.

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