Polaroid mobile site

March 04, 2020

Mobile version of the Polaroid site from the last few shots. https://dribbble.com/shots/10483572-Polaroid-site?utm_source=Clipboard_Shot&utm_campaign=ClockStrikesTwelve&utm_content=Polaroid%20site&utm_medium=Social_Share

Polaroid site Product page

March 03, 2020

Hello Dribbbler friends. Last page from the Polaroid rededesign. https://dribbble.com/shots/10483572-Polaroid-site?utm_source=Clipboard_Shot&utm_campaign=ClockStrikesTwelve&utm_content=Polaroid%20site&utm_medium=Social_Shar...

Polaroid site Cameras section

February 28, 2020

Re-imagining Polaroid.com with a fictional Back To The Future camera created in photoshop. The header was created taking cues from the movie poster, with the camera replacing the Delorean centre stage. The product previews layout follows...

Polaroid site

February 27, 2020

Re-imagining Polaroid.com for their upcoming rebrand and relaunch. The ask was to engage a new generation, maintaining the business focus but with more emotion. This shot shows the home page, with the iconic film shape used as a motif to...

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