1. Team page - Duotone carousel team quotes duotone
    View Team page - Duotone
    Team page - Duotone
  2. LADWP - Responsive Web Design customer utility rwd responsive desktop mobile
    View LADWP - Responsive Web Design
    LADWP - Responsive Web Design
  3. Landing gradients landing map background
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  4. DailyUI #013, 045, 061 - DM, Info Card, Redeem Coupon daily ui redeem coupon info card direct messaging
    View DailyUI #013, 045, 061 - DM, Info Card, Redeem Coupon
    DailyUI #013, 045, 061 - DM, Info Card, Redeem Coupon
  5. DailyUI #002 - Landing rwd responsive button cta daily ui lead generation landing page
    View DailyUI #002 - Landing
    DailyUI #002 - Landing
  6. DailyUI #066 - Statistics chart bright light theme daily ui statistics radar chart challenge
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    DailyUI #066 - Statistics
  7. DailyUI #049 - Notifications dark dark theme types notification notifications daily ui component challenge
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    DailyUI #049 - Notifications
  8. DailyUI #083 - Button(s) buttons button daily ui component challenge
    View DailyUI #083 - Button(s)
    DailyUI #083 - Button(s)
  9. DailyUI #015 - On Off Switch component daily ui toggle switches toggle switch challenge
    View DailyUI #015 - On Off Switch
    DailyUI #015 - On Off Switch
  10. Ice Cream Delivery App Concept increment selector checkout menu order tab bar map bottom navigation material design android
    View Ice Cream Delivery App Concept
    Ice Cream Delivery App Concept
  11. California Courts redesign sticky header navigation header read time video media map gradient browser android mobile web
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    California Courts redesign
  12. DailyUI #002 - Checkout bottom navigation ui text field labels input subscription checkout shifting bottom navigation bar daily ui daily challenge android
    View DailyUI #002 - Checkout
    DailyUI #002 - Checkout
  13. Photo Gallery - Bottom Navigation photo gallery timeline photography bottom navigation ui dark theme gallery photo android
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    Photo Gallery - Bottom Navigation
  14. DailyUI #001 - Sign Up daily ui garden gradient labels input text field sign up android challenge ui daily
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    DailyUI #001 - Sign Up
  15. Search + Speak event speaker microphone mic search vector lines logo
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    Search + Speak
  16. Account Overview - Concept deposits list statements balances dashboard ui account management finances
    View Account Overview - Concept
    Account Overview - Concept
  17. GettingOut - app ui communications messaging messages app ios
    View GettingOut - app
    GettingOut - app
  18. Deposit Funds deposits list statements balances dashboard ui account management finances
    View Deposit Funds
    Deposit Funds
  19. GettingOut - Mobile web illustration photography ui introduction landing page gradient mobile web
    View GettingOut - Mobile web
    GettingOut - Mobile web
  20. Terraforming terraforming buttons blue red planet concept
    View Terraforming
  21. Simple Tabs and Input ui input field search tabs navigation
    View Simple Tabs and Input
    Simple Tabs and Input
  22. Hours & Pricing tactile noise open sans store hours gaming center
    View Hours & Pricing
    Hours & Pricing
  23. First Shot! arrow ball basketball shoe dribbble invite drafted thank you pink first shot
    View First Shot!
    First Shot!
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