1. Brandmark brand branding brandmark icon logo symbol
    View Brandmark
  2. Pencil art create draw icon illustration pencil write
    View Pencil
  3. I'm interning at Square! cash commerce design experience intern job new payments position square
    View I'm interning at Square!
    I'm interning at Square!
  4. Payment Screen — 3 years later grid modal money payment typography ui web
    View Payment Screen — 3 years later
    Payment Screen — 3 years later
  5. Slideshow Card app app design application ios slide slideshow ui design ux
    View Slideshow Card
    Slideshow Card
  6. Kaleo Software Landing Page clean landing landing page modern product saas web web design
    View Kaleo Software Landing Page
    Kaleo Software Landing Page
  7. Recipe Viewer clean minimal photo recipe simple text typography ui web
    View Recipe Viewer
    Recipe Viewer
  8. Product Card cart ecommerce embed online store product simple ui web
    View Product Card
    Product Card
  9. FUI Exploration fantasy ui fui future ui grid idea pixel scifi screen ui
    View FUI Exploration
    FUI Exploration
  10. Bonfire + Business app application business clean create dashboard light local ux web
    View Bonfire + Business
    Bonfire + Business
  11. Updated Personal Site gif gradients homepage modern personal portfolio site website
    View Updated Personal Site
    Updated Personal Site
  12. Music Discovery Platform categories dashboard discovery filter grid list music platform sort
    View Music Discovery Platform
    Music Discovery Platform
  13. Workspace Sharing Site clean light modern share sharing social space workspace
    View Workspace Sharing Site
    Workspace Sharing Site
  14. Updated Workspace apple clean coding workspace custom desk imac updated wood workspace
    View Updated Workspace
    Updated Workspace
  15. My Setup coding setup designer workspace developer workspace setup vertical monitor workspace
    View My Setup
    My Setup
  16. Payment Screen clean commerce form light money pay payment send ui web
    View Payment Screen
    Payment Screen
  17. Chase Mobile for iOS 7 chase chase bank ios ios 7 iphone mobile redesign ui
    View Chase Mobile for iOS 7
    Chase Mobile for iOS 7
  18. Music Player for iPhone Concept apple ios ios 7 iphone minimal music music player ui
    View Music Player for iPhone Concept
    Music Player for iPhone Concept
  19. Starbucks for iOS 7 Concept concept detail view ios ios 7 iphone starbucks ui
    View Starbucks for iOS 7 Concept
    Starbucks for iOS 7 Concept
  20. DayCast Concept app blurred daycast ios ios 7 ios app iphone minimal ui ux
    View DayCast Concept
    DayCast Concept
  21. DayCast Color Palette color color palette color scheme dark daycast flat flat colors simple swatch ui
    View DayCast Color Palette
    DayCast Color Palette
  22. Introducing DayCast! Coming soon to iOS... app coming soon dashboard flat ios ios app iphone iphone app landing page simple simplify
    View Introducing DayCast! Coming soon to iOS...
    Introducing DayCast! Coming soon to iOS...
  23. Cloud Storage Solutions Website blue brand clean cloud flat red storage web web design website
    View Cloud Storage Solutions Website
    Cloud Storage Solutions Website
  24. Introducing Midway.js! auto automatic automatically center center responsive midway responsive shipp shipp co.
    View Introducing Midway.js!
    Introducing Midway.js!
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