1. Lemongo (yes, a Lemon Logo) fruit acid green citron lime lemon yellow logo
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    Lemongo (yes, a Lemon Logo)
  2. COA - Centre Ophtalmologique Agora eye medical blue brand design identity logo
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    COA - Centre Ophtalmologique Agora
  3. Sport Quest / reboot 1 website webdesign sport quest sport
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    Sport Quest / reboot 1
  4. Animal #1 logo identity red 3d low poly poly shape typo
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    Animal #1
  5. Atelier & Conception logo identity design red grey architect architecture 3d line shape
    View Atelier & Conception
    Atelier & Conception
  6. My Car Design (wip) web webdesign car speed auto automobile ui interface orange design triangle
    View My Car Design (wip)
    My Car Design (wip)
  7. Capéros Poster / Flyers food poster flyer print identity
    View Capéros Poster / Flyers
    Capéros Poster / Flyers
  8. Navette Bassin, Landing page light flat boat responsive webdesign web
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    Navette Bassin, Landing page
  9. Navette Arcachon Logo logo boat low poly triangulation identity
    View Navette Arcachon Logo
    Navette Arcachon Logo
  10. Wc2014 Belgium polygon triangulation low poly wport football soccer
    View Wc2014 Belgium
    Wc2014 Belgium
  11. Adequa
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  12. Thanks for the invitation !
    View Thanks for the invitation !
    Thanks for the invitation !
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