1. Masks are back

  2. Heroes Stay at Home

  3. Learn

  4. Thanksgiving at the Knicks

  5. Holiday Card New York Knicks

  6. Back to New York

  7. Football Motion Comics Project Collage

  8. What could go wrong?

  9. Avengers brawl quick fanart

  10. The best of both worlds (Kevin Durant for ESPN)

  11. Robin Hood & Co.

  12. The Game Changers

  13. The Jersey Caper for Sports Illustrated

  14. Bitch Sesh podcast for Entertainment Weekly

  15. Swamp Thing tribute

  16. Downhill Veritas

  17. Star Tribune´s march madness cover (snapshot)

  18. Burlesque models in Berlin

  19. Rocking the baby to sleep

  20. Alternative headlines

  21. The Thing (detail cropped)

  22. College Mascots!

  23. Avenged Sevenfold for Billboard mag

  24. ...and the Chicago Cubs won!

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