1. Faces 3d aframe code faces immersive virtual reality vr
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  2. Form Styles for Hack@Brown form hackathon style guide styling ui
    View Form Styles for Hack@Brown
    Form Styles for Hack@Brown
  3. Hack@Brown Directional Signs experience design hackathon poster wayfinding
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    Hack@Brown Directional Signs
  4. City+Data black city data greyscale poster typography visualization
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  5. A Love Letter to the Internet black and white book book spread greyscale internet page print design typography
    View A Love Letter to the Internet
    A Love Letter to the Internet
  6. Event Poster design folded graphic design orange paper poster scanned thinking
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    Event Poster
  7. Portfolio Website blue graphic design personal portfolio rgb typography web website
    View Portfolio Website
    Portfolio Website
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