1. Legacy Excavation excavation company construction company construction logo construction logotype logo design logos logodesign icon design blue collar legacy excavation legacy excavation logo
    Legacy Excavation
  2. Payment of the Temple Tax drawing fish mouth coin cross story color fish illustration design illustration fish
    Payment of the Temple Tax
  3. STOKED Pennants coffee roasters black and white drawing hand lettering hand drawn handmade illustration design roasters coffee stoked pennants pennant
    STOKED Pennants
  4. Snakes and Skull draw drawing simple design black and white texture print illustration roses flowers skull snakes snake
    Snakes and Skull
  5. MusicNote 3 music app simple design texture records record lp dot icon design icon brand design branding brand identity logo design logo brand app icon music note music
    MusicNote 3
  6. MusicNote 2 branding design brand identity brand design branding brand design logo design logotype logo music app design music art app icon icon design icon music app music note music
    MusicNote 2
  7. HouseofRainbows 01
    HouseofRainbows 01
  8. MusicNote stride music app icon brand design illustration personification note character design character music music note
  9. Birds of Prey design rough prey bird illustration texture papercut snake eagle birds of prey
    Birds of Prey
  10. Flower Tree illustration art art texture print black and white smiley happy clouds rainclouds rain eyes flowers tree flower nature illustration
    Flower Tree
  11. Air Steve trees print hand type daily drawing illustration building basketball court baseball field baseball park baksetball hoop basketball still life art drawing typical sports air
    Air Steve
  12. Tree Paint face nature repeat pattern texture design art black white paint fruit life justice tears eye eyes tree line
    Tree Paint
  13. Trap House Badge design shape type treatment type art type sticker badge brothers trap house trap tie dye
    Trap House Badge
  14. Free Of Fear blacklivesmatter letters black and white fear free type exploration type experiment custom type type
    Free Of Fear
  15. Budget Motel texture shadow budget blackandwhite illustration lettering sign hotel sign motel sign hotel motel
    Budget Motel
  16. Free Draw rain clouds hourglass red yellow blue eye stars moon flower texture primary colors mountain bye go sun illustration
    Free Draw
  17. Plant Vase art print texture black and white black flowers plant illustration illustration plant vase vase plant
    Plant Vase
  18. Deus Quaran-Tee peace submission competition tee shapes meditation balance simple illustration design tshirt covid19 quarantine quarantee deus ex machina deus
    Deus Quaran-Tee
  19. Inhibitions release inhibitions texture black natasha bedingfield pigeon dove fowl bird simple illustration design
  20. STOKED Mural illustration coffee shop coffee stoked stoked roasters campfire tent wall art outdoors simple black trees nature mural paint wall
    STOKED Mural
  21. Hang on to Hope message simple primary colors red yellow blue type covid19 encouragement hope rainbow illustration design
    Hang on to Hope
  22. happylove bold design heart logo happy smile red smiley face smileys smiley love heart
  23. Still Life 01 rubber plant plant stand midcenturymodern midcentury mcm chair window plants monoline paper black print illustration still life
    Still Life 01
  24. Daily Drip design badge coffee beans enjoy coffee bean chemex drip coffee drip illustration coffee
    Daily Drip
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