1. ETA icon (Sketch freebie) cycling cycle walk freebie sketch vehicle
    ETA icon (Sketch freebie)
  2. Emblem Design 2 emblem
    Emblem Design 2
  3. Quick Search pins station bank shortcut quick icon search
    Quick Search
  4. Pins -Today Widget today widget ios8
    Pins -Today Widget
  5. Emblem Design emblem design
    Emblem Design
  6. Circle~ Available on the App Store circle game ios
    Circle~ Available on the App Store
  7. Circle Shop circle game ios shop
    Circle Shop
  8. iOS7 icon ios7 template psd vector
    iOS7 icon
  9. Pins pins
  10. Pins - your location assistant pins
    Pins - your location assistant
  11. Panda panda
  12. Pins_Animation [GIF] ios7 pins animation interaction
    Pins_Animation [GIF]
  13. Smile smile icon
  14. New Charging iphone charging interaction apple
    New Charging
  15. Music player music player controller
    Music player
  16. Ps icon Replacement photoshop ps icon replacement
    Ps icon Replacement
  17. Calendar  calendar
  18. Clock clock
  19. Music  music
  20. iOS icon ios
    iOS icon
  21. Start thanks dribbble
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