Hixme | Web Admin 2

July 15, 2018

A look at the Web App Admin that I designed for Hixme. The admin had a dual purpose of being used both in-house for Hixme to administer over all of their clientele and the admin was used by HR personnel at various companies that were Hix...

Hixme | Web Admin

July 14, 2018

A look at the Web Admin I designed for Hixme. I designed all UX and UI elements and established a pattern library for the entire admin side of Hixme's product suite. — The portal was used internally by Hixme HR, and was used by their cli...

Hixme | Product Design — Walkthrough Video

October 07, 2016

Check it the Product Design Video here: https://youtu.be/dPLlqX12TGk — A Product Walkthrough Video showcasing the latest design for the Hixme platform! — I did all UI, UX, iconography and creative direction for this application, and dire...

Hixme | Landing Page

December 04, 2015

Just a quick landing page mockup. Check out the attachment for more details.

Meeple | Hixme

November 23, 2015

They are the meeple people. Each one is a unique little blob, just like each and every one of us. I like to think of them as Oompa-loompas.

Hixme | Melvin is confused.

November 07, 2015

I added some 'brows to Melvin.

Hixme | Hello, Melvin

November 05, 2015

No, those are not rainbow fart bubbles.

Hixme | Wellness

October 20, 2015

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