1. Daily UI #015 - On/Off Switch dailyui switch on off toggle air plane animation gif
    Daily UI #015 - On/Off Switch
  2. Daily UI #016 - Pop-Up / Overlay illustration isometric popup dailyui overlay notifications
    Daily UI #016 - Pop-Up / Overlay
  3. Credit Card Debt Insights debt visualization data money finance animation loan credit card card app
    Credit Card Debt Insights
  4. Daily UI #026 - Subscribe dailyui subscribe illustration isometric finance data visualization
    Daily UI #026 - Subscribe
  5. Connected Life Concept- Personal Dashboard ui ux ios ipad app dashboard visualization analytics
    Connected Life Concept- Personal Dashboard
  6. Affirm App New Onboarding animation shop finance loan mobile app affirm onboarding
    Affirm App New Onboarding
  7. Empty State for Loans loans finance isometric illustration empty state
    Empty State for Loans
  8. Affirm App New UX app card credit card loan animation tooltip finance money shop
    Affirm App New UX
  9. A Little Gift! gift money confetti reward offer loan finance mobile app
    A Little Gift!
  10. Daily UI #007 - Settings dailyui settings push notification notifications alert
    Daily UI #007 - Settings
  11. Daily UI #006 - User Profile card social photography profile user dailyui
    Daily UI #006 - User Profile
  12. Daily UI #018 - Analytics Chart money wallet data statistics visualization chart analytics dailyui
    Daily UI #018 - Analytics Chart
  13. Affirm works with Apple Pay apple pay payment apple money loan finance card app animation
    Affirm works with Apple Pay
  14. Daily UI #012 - Single Product gif animation chair furniture shopping ecommerce product dailyui
    Daily UI #012 - Single Product
  15. Make progress payment affirm mobile finance loan money trophy reward bonus app animation
    Make progress
  16. Daily UI #027 - Dropdown dailyui dropdown sync file
    Daily UI #027 - Dropdown
  17. Animation for "Daily UI #009 - Music Player" gif animation disk music player music dailyui vinyl record
    Animation for "Daily UI #009 - Music Player"
  18. Daily UI #031 - File Upload upload file dailyui
    Daily UI #031 - File Upload
  19. Daily UI #030 - Pricing dailyui pricing pass ticket train
    Daily UI #030 - Pricing
  20. Daily UI #008 - 404 Page error 404 page illustration fish bowl cat 404 dailyui
    Daily UI #008 - 404 Page
  21. Daily UI #023 - Onboarding dailyui onboarding dashboard finance credit visualization gif animation
    Daily UI #023 - Onboarding
  22. Daily UI #022 - Search gif animation personalization shopping merchant dailyui search discovery mobile app card
    Daily UI #022 - Search
  23. Daily UI #003 - Landing Page dailyui download landing landing page fashion teenager confetti dress glasses shoe
    Daily UI #003 - Landing Page
  24. Affirm Anywhere on the web web list tile shopping responsive search card
    Affirm Anywhere on the web
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