1. Three Feather Photography sketches

  2. Just a playful unused direction for a beauty line

  3. Little unused Thailand-inspired illustration

  4. Come n git it

  5. Coming Soon to a Creative Market near you!

  6. Logo Color Explorations

  7. Makin' tweaks

  8. SF City Icons

  9. Logo color variation

  10. Craftin' around with type treatment

  11. Bizz-nas Cards

  12. Stickers

  13. Holiday Card Exploration

  14. Treat yourself... to both fat swashes AND ball terminals

  15. Skeleton Hand

  16. Frida Kahlo Prayer Candles

  17. Monster Bash

  18. Frank N. Stein

  19. Dia de los Muertos Poster

  20. Livin' it.

  21. Astronaut Doggo

  22. Welcome to Good Burger, Home of the Good Burger

  23. Nelson The Goldendoodle

  24. The Wood Brothers

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