1. Samba.ai Newsletters targeting newsletter campaign
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    Samba.ai Newsletters
  2. Samba.ai Autopilot feature campaign marketing saas automation machine learning
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    Samba.ai Autopilot feature
  3. Readwise - Article Highlights tag review read notes highlights
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    Readwise - Article Highlights
  4. Userguiding Panel onboarding saas panel tool
    View Userguiding Panel
    Userguiding Panel
  5. Bubble.is Application Data UI builder application data database settings tool app saas
    View Bubble.is Application Data UI
    Bubble.is Application Data UI
  6. PALMOVKA_TED! concept landing events district prague initiative city
    View PALMOVKA_TED! concept
    PALMOVKA_TED! concept
  7. Industry 4.0 Insights web presentation webflow industrial education business course corporate industry training
    View Industry 4.0 Insights web presentation
    Industry 4.0 Insights web presentation
  8. Amazon Prime Day - West End Theatre deals webflow counter special offer discount primeday prime amazon theatre dark microsite ecommerce
    View Amazon Prime Day - West End Theatre deals
    Amazon Prime Day - West End Theatre deals
  9. Thank You upsell ticket theatre campaign template mailchimp email thank you
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    Thank You
  10. Sporttube.com Homepage news live stats hockey soccer video sport homepage
    View Sporttube.com Homepage
    Sporttube.com Homepage
  11. Sign in Modal window e-commerce account social login email modal signup signin gdpr
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    Sign in Modal window
  12. D4W Workshop Social Cover facebook event cover social welcome charity dance workshop spring
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    D4W Workshop Social Cover
  13. Grid System row column frontend grid system
    View Grid System
    Grid System
  14. Dance4Water Win-Win award innovative teaching africa nonprofit charity dance win slide presentation probono
    View Dance4Water Win-Win
    Dance4Water Win-Win
  15. SeatGeek homescreen redesign discovery framerjs gif prototype framer events tickets app mobile
    View SeatGeek homescreen redesign
    SeatGeek homescreen redesign
  16. Sentiment Analysis - dashboard module sentiment machine learning module dashboard analysis chart graph blueprint
    View Sentiment Analysis - dashboard module
    Sentiment Analysis - dashboard module
  17. Seats filter panel exploration mobile responsive seat exploration sale offer panel filter
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    Seats filter panel exploration
  18. Seating plan Tooltips seating theatre seat test popup tooltip hover ecommerce plan
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    Seating plan Tooltips
  19. Seating plan Desktop price filter tooltip basket theatre seating map plan seat
    View Seating plan Desktop
    Seating plan Desktop
  20. Rethinking of Foursquare map results list result map card ios app mobile animation interaction framer prototype foursquare
    View Rethinking of Foursquare map results
    Rethinking of Foursquare map results
  21. LTD Seating Plan Mobile price safari mobile theatre seats map plan gif animation prototype framer
    View LTD Seating Plan Mobile
    LTD Seating Plan Mobile
  22. Contacts and orders mobile app add new alphabetical detail profile orders list contact ios
    View Contacts and orders
    Contacts and orders
  23. London Theatre Direct homepage redesign e-commerce ecommerce portal web london landing homepage tickets theatre
    View London Theatre Direct homepage redesign
    London Theatre Direct homepage redesign
  24. LTD atomic design system guideline component module card tile styleguide atomic system design
    View LTD atomic design system
    LTD atomic design system
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