Persona Icons

March 06, 2018


Visual Studio for Mac 16px Icons

January 03, 2018

Some of the many 16px icons I've drawn for the Visual Studio for Mac.

File Type Icons in Dark

January 03, 2018

Some of many file type icons I've designed for Visual Studio for Mac.

New Project Dialog

January 03, 2018

Some of the icons used in the New Project Dialog of Visual Studio for Mac.

Dark iOS Scaling Matrix

January 03, 2018

A set of iOS device scaling matrix icons. See how they're used here.

iOS + watchOS + tvOS Device Scaling Matrix

September 07, 2017

Same as with Xcode, Visual Studio features ask for the never-ending list of icons for platforms we support. Here you can see a few icons used when working with constraints in the iOS Designer. See how they're used here.

Icon Sheet

August 26, 2016

A few previously unpublished icons from Xamarin Studio.

Android Designer

August 24, 2016

Long time no see, Dribbble. Just warming up :)