Hotel Dashboard

October 10, 2018

Home screen for our hotel management system. This screen contains the most important information for a hotel administrator: guests' satisfaction, bookings, leads, activity log and also calendar to see room occupation. Keeping the same cl...

Chat with clients

October 08, 2018

A new screen for upcoming project Hotel CRM. Any client may use a messenger to contact hotel staff and solve issues easier.

Hotel Guests Management

October 05, 2018

New screens for Hotel CRM. Manage your guests and see enriched data.

Task Management

October 04, 2018

Task Management board for Hotel CRM

Room Management - Scheme View

October 04, 2018

An alternative view for room management

Room management

October 03, 2018

First mockup for a new project - Diamond CRM. Room management for a small hotel. Subscribe for new screens, we're posting every day. Appreciate your likes!

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