May 14, 2019

Hey guys, I am trying to do some animation, but I am not skilled, forgive my stupid animation!😂 Let me know your feedback & criticize!🙂 Thanks for watching! 😊 You can also follow my work at Instagram 丨 Behance

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Cock s walk

Cock's Walk

February 08, 2019

Hello! A minimal work about walk cycle, just for fun, not quite smooth yet. Hope you like it and hope I can do better next time! Press "L" to show some love! INS

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Can fish fly

Can Fish Fly?

January 21, 2019

Hello everyone. Meet my new work, hope you like it! INS

Disgusting biscuits

Disgusting Fish-like Biscuit

January 19, 2019

Hi guys! Please check my new work. Let me know your feedback & criticize! Press "L" to show some love!!


Hello Dribbble!

January 14, 2019

Hello Dribbblers! This is my first shot and I’m so happy to join the Dribbble family. Hope you like it! Have a great start of the week! Press ♥ to show some love:)