1. Couch (WIP) navigation nav bar home signup login minimal logo figma illustration mobile white theme black and red black and white white minimal therapist medical therapy health mental health awareness mental health
    Couch (WIP)
  2. COVID rader tracker location app corona covid design ui design figma
    COVID rader
  3. Work in Progress shot - Portfolio website porfolio figma
    Work in Progress shot - Portfolio
  4. Happy Ghost Zombie ghost halloween zombie
    Happy Ghost Zombie
  5. Farmer App Onboarding screens branding vector typography app logo ui illustration ui design figma design onboarding green farm
    Farmer App Onboarding screens
  6. Classic WhatsApp nokia classic
    Classic WhatsApp
  7. Filmhouse
  8. AR Map ui design design app figma panorama 360 map vr ar
    AR Map
  9. Visual Cards for a Tourism Platform figma design ui design website web travel app buses flights hotel travel
    Visual Cards for a Tourism Platform
  10. Makeup App figma app beauty makeup
    Makeup App
  11. Icon Freebies ios icon design figma freebie icon
    Icon Freebies
  12. Red Beard in a Beanie cartoon illustration cartoon cartoon character illustration design illustration digital illustrations illustration art yellow orange figma illustration
    Red Beard in a Beanie
  13. Buy and sell Bitcoin blue bitcoin ui design design app figma
    Buy and sell Bitcoin
  14. Goalnownow ui design app figma sport website website darktheme sport football
  15. Home gazer ios app ios booking design ui design app figma
    Home gazer
  16. Odigo - Book flights homepage landing page search cheap sky orange luxury vacation air traveling booking airplane flights
    Odigo - Book flights
  17. Rent Local Apartments homepage landing figma website apartments rent
    Rent Local Apartments
  18. Manage Apartments app figma mobile apartment
    Manage Apartments
  19. Trips
  20. Gridzer (buy and track power) graph power
    Gridzer (buy and track power)
  21. House of Oni party
    House of Oni
  22. Coupon app
    Coupon app
  23. Campaign website
    Campaign website
  24. Onboarding Screens ui illustration figma login ui design app onboarding onbaording onboarding screens
    Onboarding Screens
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