User & team achievements for Skara company wiki

December 04, 2019

With Achievements we want to make sure that the team has more fun working with Skara. There are dozens of achievements that can be unlocked. Some of them are hidden.

Achievements for skara company wiki

September 06, 2019

hi Achievements have found their way into our app. We have introduced a reward system in the form of achievements and rankings so that the users of the wiki remain motivated to actively deal with the tool. Enclosed you can see our moda...

Member Settings for skara company wiki

June 13, 2019

Hi here you can see our new settings member area, where basic roles can be set and members can be invited. I am happy to read your comments.🙌

Access Rights for skara company wiki

May 29, 2019

For a simple rights handling I have designed an access modal, which covers all our required states with a simple user interface. Have a nice day 🥳

Dark mode for skara company wiki

May 15, 2019

Our app can now also be black. Enclosed a first preview of our dark fashion. According to the motto the night is dark. The screen is dark. The eyes don't hurt. Enjoy it ✌️

Stylized product animation – for skara landingpage

December 06, 2018

I designed a style for an animation in skara, which advertises the product on the landingpage. Abstract designed for international use. Have fun with it and soon more of the Landingpage and other animations.✌️

File upload for skara company wiki

November 02, 2018

Hi, today we show you how you can open suggestions everywhere in the Wiki with "/", for example to quickly upload files. Have a nice weekend 🙃

Save entry interaction – for skara company wiki

October 15, 2018

hi, today we show you how to save an entry in our company wiki app skara. More will follow soon. A good start to the week 🖖

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