1. Bakku Technologies Logo medical technology bakku logo design logo mark logodesign logo
    View Bakku Technologies Logo
    Bakku Technologies Logo
  2. Clubhouse Icon – Big Sur big sur osx icon osx macosx skeumorphism iconography clubhouse macos macos big sur icons design icon icon design
    View Clubhouse Icon – Big Sur
    Clubhouse Icon – Big Sur
  3. Map Search Animation illustration after affects aftereffects loop animation lottie loop maps loading icon loading search map linguistic
    View Map Search Animation
    Map Search Animation
  4. Linguistic Icon Variation osx illustration affinity designer affinity affinitydesigner android iphone ios iconography icons icon artwork mobile app product design icon design icon app linguistic
    View Linguistic Icon Variation
    Linguistic Icon Variation
  5. Lottie Progress Bars vocabulary diversity readability difficulty edtech motiondesign aftereffects motion design animation lottie animation after effects lottie progress bars progressbar levels proficiency skill language linguistic
    View Lottie Progress Bars
    Lottie Progress Bars
  6. Starter Messages for Language Learning product design mobile messages conversation chat ios language learning edtech e-learning design language linguistic
    View Starter Messages for Language Learning
    Starter Messages for Language Learning
  7. Blog Banners - Language Learners imagery artwork banner blog post blog design blog android ios app linguistic language learning
    View Blog Banners - Language Learners
    Blog Banners - Language Learners
  8. Linguistic for Web duolingo language learning learning javascript pwa website web design js web design linguistic language app
    View Linguistic for Web
    Linguistic for Web
  9. A Visual Guide To Elevation Hierarchy cards light shadows hierarchy elevation design visual ui ux learn
    View A Visual Guide To Elevation Hierarchy
    A Visual Guide To Elevation Hierarchy
  10. Flat Screen(s) site marketing website assets sprites linguistic
    View Flat Screen(s)
    Flat Screen(s)
  11. Linguistic Login Flow Refresh iphone android ios app mockup mobile up sign register flow login linguistic
    View Linguistic Login Flow Refresh
    Linguistic Login Flow Refresh
  12. First Attempt at Scene Illustration design flat person office first attempt illustration scene
    View First Attempt at Scene Illustration
    First Attempt at Scene Illustration
  13. Linguistic Educator Admin Panel linguistic vector mockup panel proficiency admin language
    View Linguistic Educator Admin Panel
    Linguistic Educator Admin Panel
  14. Multicultural Characters countries global country language culture multicultural flat vector character characters
    View Multicultural Characters
    Multicultural Characters
  15. Minimalistic Music Website landing webpage design website photography musician photographer music minimalism
    View Minimalistic Music Website
    Minimalistic Music Website
  16. Fission Mac App Icon apple app icon storage cloud fission osx mac
    View Fission Mac App Icon
    Fission Mac App Icon
  17. Linguistic Mac Icon app chat language linguistic logo icon osx mac
    View Linguistic Mac Icon
    Linguistic Mac Icon
  18. Linguistic Mobile iPhone Mockup flat mockup app mobile iphone linguistic exchange language
    View Linguistic Mobile iPhone Mockup
    Linguistic Mobile iPhone Mockup
  19. SixesWild Logo java osx mac iphone store app game logo wpi wild sixes sixeswild
    View SixesWild Logo
    SixesWild Logo
  20. Fission Logo wallpaper logo nuclear electrons atom icon drive box dropbox storage cloud fission
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    Fission Logo
  21. Language Exchange App Mockup flat osx mockup app mac exchange language
    View Language Exchange App Mockup
    Language Exchange App Mockup
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