Twitter Redesign: Immersive Media

June 20, 2017

Hey all, As part of the Twitter redesign project, we thought about ways to incorporate more color into Twitter, without distracting from content. This shot is an example of our photo-viewer, which calculates the dominant color of a pho...

Twitter Redesign: Simplified Timeline

June 19, 2017

Hey all! I wanted to share more from our recent redesign of Twitter. This shot highlights changes related to the structure of a Tweet and the Home Timeline, such as: Simplified typography We removed most of our usage of smaller font-s...

Twitter Redesign: Bold Headlines

June 16, 2017

As part of our recent redesign project, we made headlines throughout Twitter heavier in weight, to help people better navigate, and to make Twitter feel more like the real-time news service it is. We experimented with many font-weights ...