1. Radar 3d airport c4d cinema 4d city cityscape geofence geofencing isometric radar redshift render retail tech travel urban
    View Radar
  2. Pinball Arcade Machine (WIP) 3d arcade c4d cinema 4d game gaming grayscale pinball pinball machine racing render retro sketch video game
    View Pinball Arcade Machine (WIP)
    Pinball Arcade Machine (WIP)
  3. Explainer Animation 3d animated animation bagging c4d cinema 4d clean dog food explainer factory kibble machine redshift sampling sanitary shadows video
    View Explainer Animation
    Explainer Animation
  4. City / Port 3d airport bridge c4d city containers isometric port redshift render roads sea shipyard travel water
    View City / Port
    City / Port
  5. Factory WIP 3d animation c4d cinema 4d explainer factory production redshift render treadmill
    View Factory WIP
    Factory WIP
  6. Zen Garden apple vision pro ar augmented reality headset island japanese meditation mixed reality rocks virtual reality vision pro vr water xr zen garden
    View Zen Garden
    Zen Garden
  7. Camera test animation c4d camera cinema 4d clear explainer follow gif glass motion redshift shadows tracking tube tunnel
    View Camera test
    Camera test
  8. F1 track (Shanghai) - Apple Vision Pro 3d apple vision pro ar c4d cinema 4d f1 formula 1 future racing redshift render shanghai tracetrack vision pro vr xr
    View F1 track (Shanghai) - Apple Vision Pro
    F1 track (Shanghai) - Apple Vision Pro
  9. Zen Garden (WIP) 3d bridge c4d cinema 4d grass island japanese land lantern meditation render rocks water zen zen garden
    View Zen Garden (WIP)
    Zen Garden (WIP)
  10. Airport (WIP) 3d airplane airport bokeh c4d cinema 4d city dof redshift render
    View Airport (WIP)
    Airport (WIP)
  11. Island Test 3d bridge c4d caves channel creek houses island lighthouse redshift render river trees tunnels water
    View Island Test
    Island Test
  12. "Hello, Kitchen" (Kids' ABC Book) 3d breakfast c4d chair childrens book cinema 4d collablab color fridge kidlit kidlitart kids book kitchen materials oj oven render sink toaster
    View "Hello, Kitchen" (Kids' ABC Book)
    "Hello, Kitchen" (Kids' ABC Book)
  13. Kitchen 3d c4d cinema 4d counter food fridge hood kitchen moody oven pans plants range redshift redshift3d render sink stove tile window
    View Kitchen
  14. Speed Demon #2 3d animated animation c4d camera car cinema 4d city low poly model redshift redshift3d render
    View Speed Demon #2
    Speed Demon #2
  15. New year, new portfolio site! 3d artist 3d illustrator animation art artist gif illustration illustrator mov mp4 portfolio site squarespace website
    View New year, new portfolio site!
    New year, new portfolio site!
  16. Residential WIP 3d c4d cars cinema 4d driveway garage grid home house power lines redshift residential roof trees wip
    View Residential WIP
    Residential WIP
  17. Warehouse WIP 3d c4d commercial delivery industrial logistics redshift render roads solar trucking trucks warehouse
    View Warehouse WIP
    Warehouse WIP
  18. Kitchen WIP (continued) 3d c4d chunky cinema 4d diorama fridge illustration kitchen plants pots redshift render scene sink stove table
    View Kitchen WIP (continued)
    Kitchen WIP (continued)
  19. Notebook 3d c4d cinema 4d color design diary journal model notebook orange planner render spline
    View Notebook
  20. Concept Art for rooms.xyz 3d apartments city concept art model redshift render rooms skyscraper tower
    View Concept Art for rooms.xyz
    Concept Art for rooms.xyz
  21. Tower WIP apartments c4d cinema cinema 4d illustration lowpoly model render room
    View Tower WIP
    Tower WIP
  22. Commercial Building WIP 3d building c4d commercial industrial line model render sketch and toon solar panels trucking
    View Commercial Building WIP
    Commercial Building WIP
  23. City Block WIP 3d block c4d city levels model redshift render room skyscraper
    View City Block WIP
    City Block WIP
  24. "Holly Jolly Scavenger Hunt" - Highlights Magazine, December '23 3d c4d childrens magazine christmas cinema 4d city editorial hanukkah highlights highlights magazine illustration intersection kids magazine
    View "Holly Jolly Scavenger Hunt" - Highlights Magazine, December '23
    "Holly Jolly Scavenger Hunt" - Highlights Magazine, December '23
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