1. What does your community look like? config2020 figma illustration light shelves books library
    View What does your community look like?
    What does your community look like?
  2. Ledger Nano S Illustration hardware wallet crypto illustration blockchain ledger
    View Ledger Nano S Illustration
    Ledger Nano S Illustration
  3. MetaMask Signature Request Illustration ethereum illustration blockchain metamask web3
    View MetaMask Signature Request Illustration
    MetaMask Signature Request Illustration
  4. MetaMask Browser Notification illustration blockchain web3 metamask
    View MetaMask Browser Notification
    MetaMask Browser Notification
  5. Stickers for PromptConf Chicago programming conference branding stickers terminal chicago promptconf
    View Stickers for PromptConf Chicago
    Stickers for PromptConf Chicago
  6. What's scarier than not being able to use Figma? halloween pumpkin jack o lantern chicago figma
    View What's scarier than not being able to use Figma?
    What's scarier than not being able to use Figma?
  7. Smoothie Prototype blender smoothie gifma figma prototype
    View Smoothie Prototype
    Smoothie Prototype
  8. Medium featured images header preview featured image medium
    View Medium featured images
    Medium featured images
  9. Illustrating Prototyping in Figma figma system process prototyping
    View Illustrating Prototyping in Figma
    Illustrating Prototyping in Figma
  10. Chicago Icons piano cloud gate chicago bean calder sculpture piano keys donut deep dish pizza ramps chicago
    View Chicago Icons
    Chicago Icons
  11. The logo is real, the airline is not vacation beach travel airline logo
    View The logo is real, the airline is not
    The logo is real, the airline is not
  12. Will design for snacks highlight gradient card
    View Will design for snacks
    Will design for snacks
  13. Web Editor post editor tags
    View Web Editor
    Web Editor
  14. Pensieve AI Landing landing stars sign up login
    View Pensieve AI Landing
    Pensieve AI Landing
  15. Keyboard Shortcuts keyboard shortcut keyboard key keyboard
    View Keyboard Shortcuts
    Keyboard Shortcuts
  16. Recipe Instructions swatches layout recipe color palette color typography
    View Recipe Instructions
    Recipe Instructions
  17. Airplane Icon travel transportation map icon plane airplane
    View Airplane Icon
    Airplane Icon
  18. Milk dairy illustration bottle milk
    View Milk
  19. Macronutrients coconut fiber sweet potato
    View Macronutrients
  20. Take Out Box with Chopsticks chopsticks box take-out
    View Take Out Box with Chopsticks
    Take Out Box with Chopsticks
  21. Peas in a Pod illustration process iteration vegetable peas
    View Peas in a Pod
    Peas in a Pod
  22. Probiotics process iterations illustration bacteria probiotics
    View Probiotics
  23. Protein Powder process icon illustration protein powder
    View Protein Powder
    Protein Powder
  24. Food allergies food icon milk lactose wheat gluten soy
    View Food allergies
    Food allergies
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