1. Copilot floppy disk 3d concept copilot disk fanart figma floppy install microsoft satya ui
    View Copilot floppy disk
    Copilot floppy disk
  2. Apple Stocks widget concept app apple apple stocks black dark mode dark theme google ios microsoft mobile stack stocks swipe tesla widget
    View Apple Stocks widget concept
    Apple Stocks widget concept
  3. 'Life on our planet' timeline binge design dinosaur dyno earth forest gui jurassic nature netflix prehistoric series timeline tv video
    View 'Life on our planet' timeline
    'Life on our planet' timeline
  4. Shazam widget concept activity apple background dashboard drake ios iphone listen music shazam sound spotify widget
    View Shazam widget concept
    Shazam widget concept
  5. Figma multi-color gradient color color grading color wheel figjam figma gradient hue multicolor option panel picker rail saturation shades tab tones transparency ui
    View Figma multi-color gradient
    Figma multi-color gradient
  6. Animated icons aftereffects animation dribbble graphic design icon iconset interaction lottie microanimation ui
    View Animated icons
    Animated icons
  7. Light theme skeuomorphic controls 3d app controls graphic design iot mobile neuomorphic remote skeuomorphic ui
    View Light theme skeuomorphic controls
    Light theme skeuomorphic controls
  8. Dark theme skeuomorphic controls app controls iot mobile neomorphic design neomorphism skeuomorphic design skeuomorphism slider ui ux
    View Dark theme skeuomorphic controls
    Dark theme skeuomorphic controls
  9. Monitoring dashboard components assets cards chart dashboard growth measure monitoring numbers stock track ui
    View Monitoring dashboard components
    Monitoring dashboard components
  10. St. Patrick's flooring pattern church curve design gothic graphic design interior logo motive ornament pattern religion tile
    View St. Patrick's flooring pattern
    St. Patrick's flooring pattern
  11. Radial mobile menu animation app button fab interaction menu radial ui ux
    View Radial mobile menu
    Radial mobile menu
  12. Smart home device app app brutalist concept controller mobile slider smart home ui
    View Smart home device app
    Smart home device app
  13. PITAKA - Phone and watch cases apple apple watch concept design iphone iphone 15 phone case pitaka series 9 watch band watch face
    View PITAKA - Phone and watch cases
    PITAKA - Phone and watch cases
  14. Diamond Diaries Saga - Boosters management concept app boosters candy crush concept design diamond diaries saga game gamer gaming king mobile power up ui ux videogame
    View Diamond Diaries Saga - Boosters management concept
    Diamond Diaries Saga - Boosters management concept
  15. Haier I-Touch Series 6 cooking design embedded food haier hmi industrial interface iot kitchen oven product smart ui ux
    View Haier I-Touch Series 6
    Haier I-Touch Series 6
  16. Ray-Ban concept app app concept connected design glasses iot product rayban smart ui
    View Ray-Ban concept app
    Ray-Ban concept app
  17. Vintage Star Wars GUIs concept design exploration game design gui hmi hud space star wars ui user interface
    View Vintage Star Wars GUIs
    Vintage Star Wars GUIs
  18. Vitra Wooden Dolls abstract artwork character design dolls fan art figma illustration paint painting vitra wooden
    View Vitra Wooden Dolls
    Vitra Wooden Dolls
  19. Apple Health - Steps widget app apple chart concept design ios ios16 numbers stats steps tracker widget widgets
    View Apple Health - Steps widget
    Apple Health - Steps widget
  20. Metal band concept logo 3d band branding concept dark gothic horror logo logotype metal music rock
    View Metal band concept logo
    Metal band concept logo
  21. Teeling Whiskey fan art alcohol branding fan art graphic design illustration logo teeling whiskey
    View Teeling Whiskey fan art
    Teeling Whiskey fan art
  22. @Interfaces fan art 3d art character design crypto digital art figma graphic design interfaces nft wgmi
    View @Interfaces fan art
    @Interfaces fan art
  23. LEGO portrait in Figma - UI Kit bricks design system disney diy illustration lego mickeymouse portrait ui uikit
    View LEGO portrait in Figma - UI Kit
    LEGO portrait in Figma - UI Kit
  24. LEGO portrait in Figma - UI Kit bricks design system disney figma lego mickeymouse portrait uikit
    View LEGO portrait in Figma - UI Kit
    LEGO portrait in Figma - UI Kit
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