1. TH-Weekly Warmup personal branding monogram flat illustration vector design icon type simple branding logo
    TH-Weekly Warmup
  2. Fran's Kitchen design flat simple vector icon logo branding handlettering type illustration
    Fran's Kitchen
  3. Happy Halloween jack-o-lantern pumpkin halloween vector design simple icon illustration
    Happy Halloween
  4. Happy Fall Y'all flat illustration flat design flat creative icon design lineart autumn fall pumpkin design simple icon vector illustration
    Happy Fall Y'all
  5. Sweet Nectar of the Gods icon design flat design flat coffee cup caffeine coffee design simple icon vector illustration
    Sweet Nectar of the Gods
  6. Over Yonder Acres branding design vector logo simple icon illustration type
    Over Yonder Acres
  7. Pretty Shiny Things icon vector design simple illustration
    Pretty Shiny Things
  8. New Beginnings crib baby vector icon simple design illustration
    New Beginnings
  9. Best Place on Earth architechture flat  design buiding restaurant icon simple design illustration
    Best Place on Earth
  10. Farmhouse minimal simple design farmhouse house icon illustration
  11. Home Sweet Home house house icon simple icon illustration
    Home Sweet Home
  12. One Big Happy Family simple icon dog dog illustration illustration
    One Big Happy Family
  13. Oh, ok. illustration design mood type typography
    Oh, ok.
  14. Water Your Soul botanicals florals type typography illustration
    Water Your Soul
  15. Netflix & Naps Shirt brushpen type calligraphy handlettering
    Netflix & Naps Shirt
  16. Netflix & Naps brushpen type calligraphy handlettering
    Netflix & Naps
  17. All Day Long brushtype type calligraphy handlettering lettering
    All Day Long
  18. thanks doodle type calligraphy brushtype handlettering lettering
    thanks doodle
  19. Summer Nights type calligraphy handlettering lettering
    Summer Nights
  20. It's Magic type calligraphy handlettering
    It's Magic
  21. Boom type calligraphy handlettering
  22. First 36.7 Website branding website sailboat race typography type modern minimal clean concept homepage
    First 36.7 Website
  23. Cottages Landing  jekyll island georgia sea turtle website
    Cottages Landing
  24. The Coastal Compass coastal carolina university publication book guide illustration typography athenaeum press
    The Coastal Compass
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