1. Component Candy cards charts components dashboard design kit design library design system dropdown styleguide table ui ux
    View Component Candy
    Component Candy
  2. You're a wizard, Harry! app dailyui onboard onboarding ui tables ui uiux ux wizard
    View You're a wizard, Harry!
    You're a wizard, Harry!
  3. Delightful login page login minimal register signup ui ux
    View Delightful login page
    Delightful login page
  4. Drag & Drop Widget Editor app cards design drag and drop editor toolbar ui ux widget
    View Drag & Drop Widget Editor
    Drag & Drop Widget Editor
  5. Any appreciation for low-fidelity? dashboard dashboard ui low fidelity minimal mockups ui ux wireframe wireframes
    View Any appreciation for low-fidelity?
    Any appreciation for low-fidelity?
  6. Interactive video slider app interactive design interactive slider slider ui ux video slider
    View Interactive video slider
    Interactive video slider
  7. Minimal timelines calendar charts data dataviz date graphs minimal range schedule timeline ui uiux
    View Minimal timelines
    Minimal timelines
  8. Forest POS Landing Page app cards clean landing page minimal one page point of sale popout startup ui
    View Forest POS Landing Page
    Forest POS Landing Page
  9. Long Form Tables & Cards app app dashboard cards dailyui dashboard design design app forms long form tables ui ux
    View Long Form Tables & Cards
    Long Form Tables & Cards
  10. User Task Workflow app approval process dailyui design flowchart ui user tasks ux wireframe workflow workflows
    View User Task Workflow
    User Task Workflow
  11. Chinese Takeout in CSS chinesetakeout codepen css dailyui design icon illustration logo minimal singlediv ui
    View Chinese Takeout in CSS
    Chinese Takeout in CSS
  12. Illustrated Toggle dailyui desert design gradient illustration minimal motion switch toggle toggle switch ui ux
    View Illustrated Toggle
    Illustrated Toggle
  13. Podcast Mobile Player app audio audio app dailyui ios mobile mobileui music player podcast ui ux
    View Podcast Mobile Player
    Podcast Mobile Player
  14. Charts & Graphs Slider Concept app bar graph cards chart dailyui dashboard data datavisualisation dataviz donut graph graph reporting ui ux
    View Charts & Graphs Slider Concept
    Charts & Graphs Slider Concept
  15. Product Design Spectrum bar graph dailyui design design front end back end flow diagram flowchart flowdiagram process product range spectrum uidesign ux ux design
    View Product Design Spectrum
    Product Design Spectrum
  16. Media File Upload app cards dashboard design edit material minimal modal table ui upload ux web
    View Media File Upload
    Media File Upload
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