1. Bath time for Mr. Dump truck picture book construction character design childrens book kidlitillustration adobe illustrator kidlitartist kidlit kidlitart illustration vector
    Bath time for Mr. Dump truck
  2. Tiny X-Men adobe illustrator character design comics marvel childrens book kidlitart kidlitillustration kidlitartist illustration vector
    Tiny X-Men
  3. Spidey Sense childrens book comics character design kidlitillustration adobe illustrator kidlitartist kidlit kidlitart illustration vector
    Spidey Sense
  4. The Fantastic Four contemporary art retro vintage scandinavian marvel childrens book comics character design kidlitillustration adobe illustrator kidlitartist kidlit kidlitart illustration vector
    The Fantastic Four
  5. Silly Squid ocean deep sea lobster crab pufferfish fish seahorse mermaid squid pirates childrens book character design kidlitillustration kidlitartist adobe illustrator kidlitart kidlit illustration vector
    Silly Squid
  6. Day with the Dinos childrens illustration childrens book scandinavian pterodactyl stegosaurus brontosaurus dinosaurs character design adobe illustrator kidlitillustration kidlit kidlitartist kidlitart illustration vector
    Day with the Dinos
  7. Ogopogo: Serpent of the Lake canada books children kidlitart kidlit monster snake boat lake cryptids serpent ogopogo
    Ogopogo: Serpent of the Lake
  8. Self promo postcard kidlitart kidlitartist kidlit vector illustration design poscard mailer selfpromo
    Self promo postcard
  9. Drawlloween Part 4 halloween. frog cryptkeeper talesfromthecrypt balloon clown it chud vector kidlitart drawlloween2017 drawlloween
    Drawlloween Part 4
  10. Drawlloween Part 3 vector kidlitart scarecrow monster swampmonster ahrealmonsters owl jasonvorheez drawlloween2017 drawlloween
    Drawlloween Part 3
  11. Drawlloween - Part 2 characterdesign vector kidlitartist kidlit drawlloween alien spider dracula vampire witch creaturefromtheblacklagoon
    Drawlloween - Part 2
  12. Drawlloween Part 1 vector kidlitart grimreaper demon pumkin werewolf zombie drawlloween2017 drawlloween
    Drawlloween Part 1
  13. Little Spider Creator vector businesscard selfpromo spider cute kidlitartist kidlitart kidlit
    Little Spider Creator
  14. Farewell old master... vectorart vector kidlitillustration kidlitartist kidlitart planets space galactus silversurfer
    Farewell old master...
  15. Rocket & Groot comics marvel kidlitillustration kidlitartist kidlitart cute vector rocket groot guardiansofthegalaxy
    Rocket & Groot
  16. R is for Reed Richards vector vectorart fantasticfour reedrichards
    R is for Reed Richards
  17. Lili & Lola
    Lili & Lola
  18. Pyjama Space Prints clothing fashion kids prints pyjama sapce
    Pyjama Space Prints
  19. Kids fashion prints t-shirts clothing prints fashion kids
    Kids fashion prints
  20. Baby clothing line clothing animals circus fashion baby
    Baby clothing line
  21. Flying High Puzzlebook Cover childrensbooks vehciles flying helicopters planes kidlitillustration kidlitartist kidlitart kidlit puzzlebook
    Flying High Puzzlebook Cover
  22. M is for Modok vector kidlitillustration kidlitartist kidlitart kidlit comics marvel modok
    M is for Modok
  23. Halloween Pattern kidlitart kidlit mummy wolfman frankenstein dracula illustrator vector pattern halloween
    Halloween Pattern
  24. Teddy turns childrens illustration. illustration kidlitart kidlit vector model sheet
    Teddy turns
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