1. Pretty In Pink john hughes brat pack ai illustrator illustration 80s pretty in pink
    View Pretty In Pink
    Pretty In Pink
  2. COMMUNITY color work in progress portrait vector illustrator
  3. 80s Mickey and Friends house of mouse pluto daisy goofy donald mouse minnie mickey illustrator illustration disney vector
    View 80s Mickey and Friends
    80s Mickey and Friends
  4. Hey Lady illustration black poc illustrator cartoons vector characters
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    Hey Lady
  5. Self Portrait bold outline bright black poc people of color illustration illustrator vector self portrait
    View Self Portrait
    Self Portrait
  6. COMMUNITY 1 - Corey adobe black poc people of color art vector illustrator illustration
    View COMMUNITY 1 - Corey
    COMMUNITY 1 - Corey
  7. Tubular Minnie Mouse pink house of mouse minnie mouse 80s disney
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    Tubular Minnie Mouse
  8. Dream Bold illustrator design graphic design type art tshirt art uplift elevate empower inspire social justice social change justice dream
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    Dream Bold
  9. Equality. Justice. For All. poc adobe illustrator tshirt art tshirt type treatment simple bold social change social justice social messaging type art type vector art justice equality
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    Equality. Justice. For All.
  10. Molly Ringwald 1980s 80s art illustrator illustration vector molly ringwald john hughes pretty in pink
    View Molly Ringwald
    Molly Ringwald
  11. Dream Bold – Type Art word art word apple pencil ipad pro bold dream graffiti graffiti digital graffiti art
    View Dream Bold – Type Art
    Dream Bold – Type Art
  12. Equality. Justice. NOW! boldforce salesforce representation martin luther king social justice justice mlk equality
    View Equality. Justice. NOW!
    Equality. Justice. NOW!
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