1. Craigslist Redesign ui ux craigslist ui design user interface ux design search sidenav navigation pagination dashboard
    View Craigslist Redesign
    Craigslist Redesign
  2. Pixel2html.net  homepage landing page web web design
    View Pixel2html.net
  3. Reading stats (calender view) tool tip info graphic new year calender infograph info tanveer stats ipad side bar side bar nav navigation tooltip books
    View Reading stats (calender view)
    Reading stats (calender view)
  4. Home Automation App toggle home ipad touch on off sidebar colors home automation app knobs
    View Home Automation App
    Home Automation App
  5. Sibme homepage mockup home web homepage landing page landing page sibme clean web design feature website web site
    View Sibme homepage mockup
    Sibme homepage mockup
  6. Assignment (Drag and drop) drop drag and drop drag side nav dashboard assignment
    View Assignment (Drag and drop)
    Assignment (Drag and drop)
  7. Objective details
    View Objective details
    Objective details
  8. Dashboard WIP
    View Dashboard WIP
    Dashboard WIP
  9. Pricing box
    View Pricing box
    Pricing box
  10. Task Flight Logo Concept v2 logo concept task flight plane airoplane airo plane taskflight logo concept identity tanveer
    View Task Flight Logo Concept v2
    Task Flight Logo Concept v2
  11. Unused Design dashboard infograph infographics data info
    View Unused Design
    Unused Design
  12. Tasks v3 ux dashboard interface ui task timeline
    View Tasks v3
    Tasks v3
  13. Tasks dashboard task task management tab mini sidenav
    View Tasks
  14. Infographic analysis circle infograph infographics data infographic info
    View Infographic
  15. Top Navigation v2 top nav mini top bar navigation app
    View Top Navigation v2
    Top Navigation v2
  16. New iPad App
    View New iPad App
    New iPad App
  17. Make an Appointment osx navigation sidenav clean sleek dashboard mac appointment side bar
    View Make an Appointment
    Make an Appointment
  18. Simplistic UI Kit flat kit simple ui ui kit orange button free free psd freebies psd
    View Simplistic UI Kit
    Simplistic UI Kit
  19. Wheel Nav
    View Wheel Nav
    Wheel Nav
  20. Activity ui button dashboard tab tabs timeline activity time line ux clean
    View Activity
  21. Video Sharing app
    View Video Sharing app
    Video Sharing app
  22. How it works
    View How it works
    How it works
  23. Social Concept curl facebook social tweet peal button twitter ui tanveer
    View Social Concept
    Social Concept
  24. Boat boat illustration tanveer
    View Boat
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