1. Elsk Hjertet ui webdesign design
    View Elsk Hjertet
    Elsk Hjertet
  2. Children's Section icon
    View Children's Section
    Children's Section
  3. Ecapacity front page corporate webdesign design
    View Ecapacity front page
    Ecapacity front page
  4. Bornholmerholdet Logo logo sports football bornholm
    View Bornholmerholdet Logo
    Bornholmerholdet Logo
  5. Shift 2014 Christmas Card card christmas
    View Shift 2014 Christmas Card
    Shift 2014 Christmas Card
  6. Reference Section design webdesign references colourful
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    Reference Section
  7. Watz Logo Positive identity branding logo
    View Watz Logo Positive
    Watz Logo Positive
  8. Watz Me Now Logo branding identity logo
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    Watz Me Now Logo
  9. Vinpalle Logo logo branding identity roboto slab
    View Vinpalle Logo
    Vinpalle Logo
  10. Vinpalle.dk mobile webdesign design responsive identity branding
    View Vinpalle.dk mobile
    Vinpalle.dk mobile
  11. shiftcph.dk webpage webpage shiftcph adelle typography design adelle bold
    View shiftcph.dk webpage
    shiftcph.dk webpage
  12. Shogun Assassins Logo logo lettering psychedelic mark
    View Shogun Assassins Logo
    Shogun Assassins Logo
  13. Hipster tee mockup logo hipster lettering ligature t-shirt
    View Hipster tee mockup
    Hipster tee mockup
  14. Shift Hipster Logo logo hipster lettering ligature
    View Shift Hipster Logo
    Shift Hipster Logo
  15. Final Shift Logo identity mark brand logo adelle ligature shiftcph adelle bold
    View Final Shift Logo
    Final Shift Logo
  16. Colours and typography typography roboto slab color scheme lato style guide
    View Colours and typography
    Colours and typography
  17. Shift Service Icons icon brand shiftcph vector illustration adelle bold
    View Shift Service Icons
    Shift Service Icons
  18. Schnell Service Logo logo identity
    View Schnell Service Logo
    Schnell Service Logo
  19. Shift hipster t-shirt logo (WIP) handlettering logo sketch design lettering typography ligatures
    View Shift hipster t-shirt logo (WIP)
    Shift hipster t-shirt logo (WIP)
  20. Shift overlay branding logo mark identity design shiftcph
    View Shift overlay
    Shift overlay
  21. Shift mark colors shiftcph logo identity branding design
    View Shift mark colors
    Shift mark colors
  22. Shift Logo logo identity mark branding shiftcph
    View Shift Logo
    Shift Logo
  23. Peytz Analytics Avatar avatar icon
    View Peytz Analytics Avatar
    Peytz Analytics Avatar
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