1. Let’s Get One Thing Straight

  2. Holly Jolly WIP

  3. Work in Progress: Love Yourself

  4. Tia

  5. COMMISSION: Not Your Space

  6. COMMISSION: Be Better

  7. COMMISSION: Walking Womb

  8. Dad of War: Illustration in Progress

  9. Not: Work in Progress

  10. Good: Work in Progress

  11. Be Better: Commission in Progress

  12. From the Ashes of Hyrule: Tentatively Finished

  13. A Hero Rises (wip)

  14. From the Ashes of Hyrule (WIP)

  15. Brains are Fragile Soup: Final

  16. Fragile Soup (WIP)

  17. Legion: Lord of the Horde

  18. Captain Marvel: Emblem

  19. God Of War: Not Your Monster (FINAL)

  20. Comparison is the Thief of Joy: Linocut Experiment

  21. Comparison is the Thief of Joy (WIP)

  22. Comparison (WIP)

  23. Compar (WIP)

  24. Community is a Necessity

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