1. Motivational Poster multiple sclerosis bright colors liquid effect poster ms
    Motivational Poster
  2. Happy St. Valentine quote saint valentines grid typography gradients poster love valentine day
    Happy St. Valentine
  3. Flyer (WIP) playfair display flyer texture gradient
    Flyer (WIP)
  4. Logo exploration ai motherboard logo lines basic shapes blue
    Logo exploration
  5. Brand identity exploration mixed styles basic shapes serif branding illustrations geometric pattern bold bright
    Brand identity exploration
  6. Logo in the works sketches blue ai nodes cars
    Logo in the works
  7. About us :: Meet the team team about green basic shapes geometric grid clean arial system fonts minimal
    About us :: Meet the team
  8. Illustration WIP
    Illustration WIP
  9. WIP logo drafts mind maze logic thought flow artificial intelligence
    WIP logo drafts
  10. Brand identity drafts - defining overall feel clean geometric gradient blue monospaced font science artificial intelligence
    Brand identity drafts - defining overall feel
  11. 2 Dribbble Invites invites dribbble
    2 Dribbble Invites
  12. Experimenting with style, colours and layout sharp clean innovation design thinking grid exploded grid colours homepage website
    Experimenting with style, colours and layout
  13. Exploring different design directions exploded grid header website homepage organic clean
    Exploring different design directions
  14. Redesign bright green clean redesign website homepage
  15. Logo WIP icon agile sprints iterations loops logo
    Logo WIP
  16. Welcome Email sign up welcome email email
    Welcome Email
  17. Go! newsletter form cards process flow blue yellow clean design collaboration homepage landing page
  18. The Design Thinking Process Flow design thinking cards flow process
    The Design Thinking Process Flow
  19. Final icon reflection transparency purple pink gradients icon logo target eye
    Final icon
  20. A bit simpler gradient transparent icon logo eye target
    A bit simpler
  21. Target icon transparent gradient logo icon eye target
    Target icon
  22. More icon concepts icon logo target eye
    More icon concepts
  23. Icon idea outline thin eyes eye target logo icon
    Icon idea
  24. Persona template ux tools serif clean negative persona ux persona
    Persona template
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