VP-Designs Case Study IAG

April 11, 2018

This is the layout I've created for the case study pages. Since my homepage is a bit busier and more colorful I wanted the other pages to be more streamlined to put the content front and center. I've attached a gif for the first time, i...

VP-Designs Website Layout V4

April 06, 2018

Still laying out the studio website, I've been reworking a bit lately and I'm liking this layout much better. Better use of space and color. I like having the white and grey in the middle and the works spaced out. It would require more w...

VP-Designs Website V3

December 04, 2017

I've made adjustments to the site layout. Created a slightly stronger and still elegant logo. Worked really hard on the gradients and thanks to @Steve Schoger Twitter tips I think it turned out great. I integrated a subtle pattern to th...

VP Designs Website - V2

November 20, 2017

Was truly unhappy with my last attempt at a freelance website. I'm feeling better about this first attempt and slightly new direction.

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VP Design Website

July 26, 2017

Working on a client focused site for my freelancing. I can use more targeted language than on my personal site. I'm trying for a clean but bright style. I really want to use a serif font but keep it clean. I'm struggling with the wording...