1. White & Red white red experiment c4d
    White & Red
  2. Playing with colours colours fractal c4d
    Playing with colours
  3. data visualization | mockup graph ui concept data
    data visualization | mockup
  4. Email icon animation icon gif animation
    Email icon animation
  5. Rotowatch Interaction Demo navigation rotowatch interaction ux ui
    Rotowatch Interaction Demo
  6. Jeep app icon ps icon design
    Jeep app icon
  7. New portfolio | tamasbodo.com portfolio tamasbodo.com
    New portfolio | tamasbodo.com
  8. Smart Watch concept smart watch product design photoshop
    Smart Watch concept
  9. Iphone Mini apple iphone concept
    Iphone Mini
  10. Material sampler ui element design sampler app widget ps
    Material sampler
  11. Wheel & Compass icon /redesign redesign icon wheel
    Wheel & Compass icon /redesign
  12. Widget with some tasty icons interface ui ps photoapp icons
    Widget with some tasty icons
  13. Task Ninja ui ps task management
    Task Ninja
  14. Braun Mixer icon mixer photoshop
    Braun Mixer
  15. Iphone App Interface | Work in progress user interface iphone mobile ps
    Iphone App Interface | Work in progress
  16. Space Whirligigs cinema 4d composition
    Space Whirligigs
  17. Projector icon ps projector
  18. Zeiss Binocular icon ps binocular
    Zeiss Binocular
  19. Chrome Barrels composition chrome
    Chrome Barrels
  20. Spark icon design brandmark
  21. Swiss Army Knife icon design
    Swiss Army Knife
  22. Toothpick Monkey icon design
    Toothpick Monkey
  23. Callaway Icon design icon ps
    Callaway Icon
  24. Multistikk | Controller icon app iphone ui
    Multistikk | Controller
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