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  1. Snappet - Drag 'n Drop lessonplan ux ui dragging web interface snappet drop drag
    View Snappet - Drag 'n Drop
    Snappet - Drag 'n Drop
  2. Snappet - Questionnaire satisfaction emoji emotions survey mood questionnaire snappet
    View Snappet - Questionnaire
    Snappet - Questionnaire
  3. Snappet - Pupil Report pupil teacher menu report education ux ui interface snappet
    View Snappet - Pupil Report
    Snappet - Pupil Report
  4. Snappet - Ways of Working ux ui compare comparison overview table interface page ways of working tablet education education snappet
    View Snappet - Ways of Working
    Snappet - Ways of Working
  5. Snappet - Education Plan pupil teacher menu plan education ux ui interface snappet
    View Snappet - Education Plan
    Snappet - Education Plan
  6. Blueprint Snappet Dashboard research mapping snappet ux blueprint
    View Blueprint Snappet Dashboard
    Blueprint Snappet Dashboard
  7. Snappet - Exercise illustrations pupils for exercises illustrations education tablet primary
    View Snappet - Exercise illustrations
    Snappet - Exercise illustrations
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