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  1. Landing page - Health Monitoring analysis clean gadget health analytics health monitoring landing page medical care mental health monitors activity saas smart device smart ring tracking activity ui ui design ui ux web web design wellness
    View Landing page - Health Monitoring
    Landing page - Health Monitoring
  2. Token Smart Ring & App mobile app product design smart ring
    View Token Smart Ring & App
    Token Smart Ring & App
  3. NFC Ring 3d model 3d rendering industrial design keyshot nfc ring product design simple smart ring solidworks
    View NFC Ring
    NFC Ring
  4. eSOS Ring Landing Page esos iot landing page nfc smart device smart ring ui wearables website
    View eSOS Ring Landing Page
    eSOS Ring Landing Page
  5. Vcard web App system builder app web biolink business card contactless carte de visite cv system builder event business card frontend gateway solution landing page management card nfc card portfolio prepaid card resume rfid card system shorten url smart ring vcard website website development
    View Vcard web App system builder
    Vcard web App system builder
  6. ArcX Smart Ring Pitch Deck data visualization deck design fitness funding investment investor pitch powerpoint presentation product showcase slide smart ring sport startups team tech technology use of funds wearable
    View ArcX Smart Ring Pitch Deck
    ArcX Smart Ring Pitch Deck
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