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  1. LIGHT 3D logo design proxima nova typography spacing dark black minimalism minimalist letters animation logo cinema 4d
    View LIGHT 3D
    LIGHT 3D
  2. Proxima Nova Bold after effects type sans serif glitch animation motion typeface typography animography
    View Proxima Nova Bold
    Proxima Nova Bold
  3. SnappCar Styleguide typograhy colors proxima nova online button form identity branding ui style guide styleguide
    View SnappCar Styleguide
    SnappCar Styleguide
  4. Feck Perfuction helvetica neue helvetica proxima nova perfection fcuk fuck
    View Feck Perfuction
    Feck Perfuction
  5. Bloobirds b saas bloobirds design colours logo branding proxima soft
    View Bloobirds
  6. Proxima DanceFest Poster
    View Proxima DanceFest Poster
    Proxima DanceFest Poster
  7. 1Password — Website Redesign landing page proxima nova font adelle font redesign website web password manager logo illustration icon typography 1password
    View 1Password — Website Redesign
    1Password — Website Redesign
  8. Shots Fired! hi proxima nova futura typography layout ux walk ui pink debut
    View Shots Fired!
    Shots Fired!
  9. I've Joined Unfold ◒ proxima nova ui prototyping concept prototype team black trigger website product design micro interaction circle pink pragmatica web web interaction animation webflow
    View I've Joined Unfold ◒
    I've Joined Unfold ◒
  10. Player Cards proxima nova condensed proxima nova
    View Player Cards
    Player Cards
  11. Mobile Cards proxima nova track chatbot chat important card mood calories steps dashboard card ui mobile
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    Mobile Cards
  12. Quarancream™️ (Figma Animation) quarantine summer motion design identity branding design dessert purple green pink color palette icon logo animation smart animate figma proxima soft food vibrant ice cream branding
    View Quarancream™️ (Figma Animation)
    Quarancream™️ (Figma Animation)
  13. Fleeting Glimpse - Animography proxima nova glimpse motion typography text animography
    View Fleeting Glimpse - Animography
    Fleeting Glimpse - Animography
  14. Game Profile / iOS App apex branding typography illustration logo proxima movie marvel game cyberpunk ux minimalism minimal landing design landing ui heroscreen web mainpage design
    View Game Profile / iOS App
    Game Profile / iOS App
  15. eCommerce Sales Tracking Dashboard | Day 286/365 - Project365 sales analytics ecommerce app ecommerce proxima nova product design saas saas dashboard web app dashboard-saturday minimal dashboard sketch mobile-app daily-ui project365 design-challenge sales analytics sales dashboard
    View eCommerce Sales Tracking Dashboard | Day 286/365 - Project365
    eCommerce Sales Tracking Dashboard | Day 286/365 - Project365
  16. Logo Design Challenge mobile app interface ux ui uidesign friends proxima nova soft food app graphic  design typography dailylogochallange dailyui logo vector illustration branding design
    View Logo Design Challenge
    Logo Design Challenge
  17. Alternative Player Card View proxima nova condensed proxima nova
    View Alternative Player Card View
    Alternative Player Card View
  18. Landing page for Clever Beagle proxima nova soft purple white blue marketing page landing
    View Landing page for Clever Beagle
    Landing page for Clever Beagle
  19. Photographic + Bold Type Show Poster show flier print music design concert poster show poster red pink bold type proxima nova photography
    View Photographic + Bold Type Show Poster
    Photographic + Bold Type Show Poster
  20. Client Dashboard icons proxima graph infographic column subnav navigation fields colors dashboard ux ui
    View Client Dashboard
    Client Dashboard
  21. Homepage Signup proxima nova signup web
    View Homepage Signup
    Homepage Signup
  22. SSL Landing 0.9 front magyari kalman nova proxima rockwell copy white page landing colorful
    View SSL Landing 0.9
    SSL Landing 0.9
  23. Perspective in Principle perspective proxima nova principle
    View Perspective in Principle
    Perspective in Principle
  24. LiveJournal App on Behance colors circles circle proxima nova typo typography
    View LiveJournal App on Behance
    LiveJournal App on Behance
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