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  1. WebSales: Dashboard overview report sales statistic dashboard payments sales dashboard ui  ux analytics product design admin dashboard web platform saas app product web app
    View WebSales: Dashboard
    WebSales: Dashboard
  2. Sleep analysis dashboard overview chart navigation menu summary history learn app statistics data interface analytics tracker management ui sleep graph dashboard clean widelab
    View Sleep analysis dashboard
    Sleep analysis dashboard
  3. Revolut Analytics 2.0 animation app design digital design product design mobile ux ui minimal clean overview dashboad chart analytics dashboard analytic statistic reporting stats analytics analytics chart statistics
    View Revolut Analytics 2.0
    Revolut Analytics 2.0
  4. Sanbase - app.santiment.net market tags bitcoin analytics app details page overview platform interface sidebar metrics charts cryptocurrency crypto data analytics dashboard
    View Sanbase - app.santiment.net
    Sanbase - app.santiment.net
  5. finance: cap table platform platform dashboard design overview dashboard web app web design fintech product design finance
    View finance: cap table platform
    finance: cap table platform
  6. Location Analytics & Comparison SET 02 map location overview campaign erp system campaign erp system task schedule website design system web app design sales statistics report monthly earnings reports product segmentation analytics user behaviour interactions insights dashboard expenses tracker manager dtail studio data comparison simulation custom dashboard artificial intelligence application interface analytics timeline ai
    View Location Analytics & Comparison SET 02
    Location Analytics & Comparison SET 02
  7. banking platform: dashboard application app web design webdesign overview web app dashboard app dashboard design dashboard web platform
    View banking platform: dashboard
    banking platform: dashboard
  8. Product Analytics: Reports lenders lend lending sell products sales saas overview dashboard stats web app web platform web analytics data report enterprise financial services finance fintech
    Product Analytics: Reports
  9. βœͺ Impower Command status overview list property management enterprise data analytics data visualisation saas product design app
    View βœͺ Impower Command
    βœͺ Impower Command
  10. Teacher Availability Calendar e-learning education timeline agenda ui widelab clean overview visual feed navigation menu english learning platform tracker schedule calendar availability dashboard
    Teacher Availability Calendar
  11. Fimago - 1 finance management management finance mobile app mobile dark dashboard isometric overview transactions chatbot savings charts dark mode illustration ux ui
    Fimago - 1
  12. Dana - Finance Dashboard UI transactions bank product design finance fintech ui  ux web design web app dashboad overview platform dashboard design
    View Dana - Finance Dashboard UI
    Dana - Finance Dashboard UI
  13. Social analytics: Insights analytic insights web platform dribbble chart analytics report channel platform social media social web app web dashboard overview app marketing
    Social analytics: Insights
  14. Affiliate Marketing Tool profile analytics fintech finance statistics reward wallet transaction payment tracker chart graph dark clean platform overview dashboard tool marketing affiliate
    View Affiliate Marketing Tool
    Affiliate Marketing Tool
  15. Financial Mobile App design application income spending balance finance analytics credit score overview transactions credit card card ux ui minimal clean ui banking dashboard banking app datavisualisation candlestick mobile app
    View Financial Mobile App
    Financial Mobile App
  16. πŸŽ‰ Meet Slim timeline conversion data overview metrics analytics dashboard analytics chart analytics data visualisation ux ui app saas product design
    View πŸŽ‰ Meet Slim
    πŸŽ‰ Meet Slim
  17. League analytics dashboard concept application ui overview chart menu graph statistics tracker product web minimal clean game app profile dashboard analytics league widelab
    View League analytics dashboard
    League analytics dashboard
  18. finfly: splash, overview, bills mobile design mobile user interface interface fintech finance app application
    finfly: splash, overview, bills
  19. Subscription and Plan Overview πŸ“‘ application web dashboard subscription interface clean ui desktop ui ux fintory design
    Subscription and Plan Overview πŸ“‘
  20. πŸ’ͺ Team Management and Booking Overview team application app design webapp desktop ui ux fintory design management tool
    πŸ’ͺ Team Management and Booking Overview
  21. CRM Report Page card typography violet minimal creative graph ux ui grey orange list barchart overview report crm
    View CRM Report Page
    CRM Report Page
  22. Control Project Overview galery graphic ux ui ugem web minimal analysis control system
    View Control Project Overview
    Control Project Overview
  23. Podcast Dashboard podcast app analytics dashboard analytics chart analytics app dashboard podcast overview analytics ui analytics podcasting podcast web app podcast web podcast product web product
    View Podcast Dashboard
    Podcast Dashboard
  24. Logicsols - Shipment Path Creator desktop management roadmap tool details track navigation widget overview clean cargo order chart graph cards map creator shipment transport supply chain
    View Logicsols - Shipment Path Creator
    Logicsols - Shipment Path Creator
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