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  1. Features hero flat landing page clean design light minimal magyari kalman features
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  2. Property Management App v1 magyari kalman app design app mobile property management property
    View Property Management App v1
    Property Management App v1
  3. Gendocs Home v1 hero landing page design flat minimal light clean magyari kalman
    View Gendocs Home v1
    Gendocs Home v1
  4. Kontrl Homepage page layout webdesign web design website design minimal light flat page clean landing magyari kalman
    View Kontrl Homepage
    Kontrl Homepage
  5. Homepage web site magyari kalman light clean illustration landing page web design agency
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  6. Blog magyari page kalman clean layout card featured post inner detail overview blog
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  7. Pricing flat landing minimal magyari kalman clean light teams startup webdesign page plans pricing
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  8. Landing Page for Agisko hero illustration colorful minimal flat landing page clean magyari kalman
    View Landing Page for Agisko
    Landing Page for Agisko
  9. Diabase Blog WIP2 minimal magyari light layout kalman diabase desktop colorful clean blog
    View Diabase Blog WIP2
    Diabase Blog WIP2
  10. PlatformCore Landing Page magyari kalman platform marketing agency minimal light flat landing clean
    View PlatformCore Landing Page
    PlatformCore Landing Page
  11. Services - Planning & Design magyari kalman light minimal illustrations clean webpage web design planning services page services
    View Services - Planning & Design
    Services - Planning & Design
  12. Case Study Detail inner page case study hero magyari kalman design minimal light flat page clean
    View Case Study Detail
    Case Study Detail
  13. Connect Landing Hero magyari kalman colors shapes landing page hero share connect
    View Connect Landing Hero
    Connect Landing Hero
  14. Instantcert App Mock-ups magyari kalman design light clean ux ui app design app course app mobile courses
    View Instantcert App Mock-ups
    Instantcert App Mock-ups
  15. Development Lab Hero Design development landing page colorful shapes kalman magyari
    View Development Lab Hero Design
    Development Lab Hero Design
  16. Diabase Blog WIP dark minimal light clean magyari kalman layout blog desktop diabase
    View Diabase Blog WIP
    Diabase Blog WIP
  17. Wazzik Landing v1 magyari kalman landing wazzik
    View Wazzik Landing v1
    Wazzik Landing v1
  18. HeroCardPlay magyari kalman card cards landing layout typography hero with playing
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  19. H1 Product Page Dark magyari kalman h1 flexion printing 3d dark landing layout page product
    View H1 Product Page Dark
    H1 Product Page Dark
  20. Portfolio V2 magyari kalman background colorful portfolio
    View Portfolio V2
    Portfolio V2
  21. Profile Overview & Graphs magyari kalman dark page analytics stats ux ui profile overview graphs
    View Profile Overview & Graphs
    Profile Overview & Graphs
  22. S Dashboard magyari kalman fashion blue clean dashboard
    View S Dashboard
    S Dashboard
  23. Performance - Details Screen magyari kalman screen design app graph stats mobile ui dark financial
    View Performance - Details Screen
    Performance - Details Screen
  24. Kontrl Dashboard ui modular statistics stats dashboard design light flat page clean magyari kalman
    View Kontrl Dashboard
    Kontrl Dashboard
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