Mac App Shots

614 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Project Management Tool

    Brave Wings πŸ”₯ Brave Wings πŸ”₯ Team Daniel Moss Daniel Moss

  2. Mac App (Full view)

    Tommy Roussel Tommy Roussel

  3. How I wireframe/sketch Mac Apps...

    MadebyO MadebyO Team Oykun Yilmaz Oykun Yilmaz Pro


    Dann Petty Dann Petty Pro

  5. Data Overlays

    GoPro Design GoPro Design Team Charlie Waite Charlie Waite Pro

  6. Music Player App for Mac

    Wahab Wahab Pro

  7. Desktop Video Call App

    Brave Wings πŸ”₯ Brave Wings πŸ”₯ Team

  8. Spotify for Mac

    Maxwell Barvian Maxwell Barvian

  9. Cryptocurrency Payment Flow

    Fintory Fintory Team

  10. Design System for Meeting App

    Brave Wings πŸ”₯ Brave Wings πŸ”₯ Team

  11. Music Player Artist Profile (Light Version)

    Wahab Wahab Pro

  12. Video Call App for Mac

    Brave Wings πŸ”₯ Brave Wings πŸ”₯ Team

  13. HTML WYSIWYG Editor macOS App Icon

    Matthew Skiles Matthew Skiles Pro

  14. New icons for the sidebar !

    Tommy Roussel Tommy Roussel

  15. Retrospectives for Distributed Teams

    Fintory Fintory Team Niclas Ernst Niclas Ernst Pro

  16. Uber Online

    Uber Uber Team

  17. Music Player Desktop Application - 1

    Ofspace Ofspace Team Surja Sen Das Raj Surja Sen Das Raj Pro

  18. Screeny 2 Has Launched!

    Drew Wilson Drew Wilson

  19. Spotify for macOS [WIP]

    Huseyin Emanet Huseyin Emanet Pro

  20. Team Management Tool UI Design

    Queble Queble Team Regen G. Regen G. Pro

  21. Screeny Website Complete!

    Drew Wilson Drew Wilson

  22. Syncing...

    James James Pro

  23. Iconjar Mac app

    Davey Heuser Davey Heuser Pro

  24. Music Player Artist Profile

    Wahab Wahab Pro

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