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253 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Phrasal analysis bubble chart for NLP platform enterprise widget interaction comments dataviz bubble chart bubble dashboard data visualization data management data table charts graphs report design interface data analytics reorder data visualisation
    View Phrasal analysis bubble chart for NLP platform
    Phrasal analysis bubble chart for NLP platform
  2. Chattermill - Dashboard in Motion bubble anomaly motion dashboard editor drag and drop data visualization charts graphs widget report design interface bar chart data analytics data visualisation enterprise management table
    View Chattermill - Dashboard in Motion
    Chattermill - Dashboard in Motion
  3. Dashboard Builder for NLP Platform table management enterprise data visualisation reorder analytics data bar chart feed interface design report widget graphs charts data visualization drag and drop editor builder dashboard
    View Dashboard Builder for NLP Platform
    Dashboard Builder for NLP Platform
  4. Table to dribbble searchable columns component filters data visualization tables table web design ux design ui ux
    View Table to dribbble
    Table to dribbble
  5. Medical Studies Concept studies report design data visualisation data visulization data table filters line graph bar chart analytics table data web ux ui
    View Medical Studies Concept
    Medical Studies Concept
  6. #Exploration - Dashboard desktop website ux ui product design whitespace clean table list doughnut pie chart bar line graphs stats data dashboard
    View #Exploration - Dashboard
    #Exploration - Dashboard
  7. A first look at Narrative BI augmented analytics augmented analytics insights map chart invite chart graph narratives narrative bi closed beta business intelligence bi ui widget ui data table web app web interface dashboard ui product
    View A first look at Narrative BI
    A first look at Narrative BI
  8. Untill - hospitality management platform - Reports data table back office light ui table design management app point of sale restaurant report table desktop web app product design web design ui  ux ui
    View Untill - hospitality management platform - Reports
    Untill - hospitality management platform - Reports
  9. Mapping Attributes web app saas interface tool table database workspace map columns data mapping csv upload file import export crm software ui ux
    View Mapping Attributes
    Mapping Attributes
  10. Drop: Cloud Dashboard analytics dashboard analytics stats dropdown upload modern table list chart goals data dashboard ui dashboard cloud drop
    Drop: Cloud Dashboard
  11. Dashboard line chart rating chart data visualization visualization data viz dataviz dashboard design dashboard app dashboard ui data table interface ui product web dashboard
    View Dashboard
  12. Row Selection ☑️ product design product interface data visualization dataviz tables table data table data rows row
    View Row Selection ☑️
    Row Selection ☑️
  13. CSV Import Tool ux ui software crm export file upload attributes columns map mapping workspace database table data tool interface web app import csv
    View CSV Import Tool
    CSV Import Tool
  14. Real Estate CRM platform real estate crm system widget management cards information table compare analytics progress bar piechart graph data dashboard infographic chart
    View Real Estate CRM platform
    Real Estate CRM platform
  15. Dashboard Interface Design graduate students statistical diagram column diagram ring diagram ui design list table design graph histogram monitoring admin chart dashboard fui data visualization 3d mobile web system interface
    View Dashboard Interface Design
    Dashboard Interface Design
  16. SaaS Software - Budgets Control sketch ux ui minimal stats data table interface ugem product design product web fintech dashboard clean ui ux admin panel
    View SaaS Software - Budgets Control
    SaaS Software - Budgets Control
  17. UI Kit - Components v2 👨🏻‍💻 semiflat semiflat studio card design web app design credit card payment component library ui components map card chart card graph design dataviz data visualization payments table design ui kit web ui kit ui kit design
    View UI Kit - Components v2 👨🏻‍💻
    UI Kit - Components v2 👨🏻‍💻
  18. Visual Table with SaaS metrics in Vizydrop visualization charts table data analysis
    View Visual Table with SaaS metrics in Vizydrop
    Visual Table with SaaS metrics in Vizydrop
  19. Loan table overlay modal finance app finance data visulization minimal clean web app web app illustration ux ux  ui ui
    View Loan
  20. App for studying chemistry data widgets minimal task interface icons cards elements ios learning app illustration graphics periodic table chemistry product design mobile ui dashboard ux ui
    App for studying chemistry
  21. 🔍Advanced Search & Filters - Fund Comparison sort table data platform clean input finance user interface button search engine product ux ui filter ui app web dashboard search filter filters
    View 🔍Advanced Search & Filters - Fund Comparison
    🔍Advanced Search & Filters - Fund Comparison
  22. Form builder - Survey results interface design bar chart editor chart desktop data management dashboard survey builder survey ui report sidebar data visualization fixed columns data table long form form builder builder form
    Form builder - Survey results
  23. Product Pricing Pages price table pricing table sass data data visualization chart line graph design blue sketch materialup sketchapp dashboard design web finance pricing product calendar dashboard ui
    View Product Pricing Pages
    Product Pricing Pages
  24. Analyst Scorecard - Stock App ai analytics dashboard crypto table graphs charts ux design data software fintech figma b2b saas web app finance app finance stocks
    View Analyst Scorecard - Stock App
    Analyst Scorecard - Stock App
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