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  1. Fish Wordmark logomark symbol mark clever negative space typography typeface identity clever logo fish wordmark logo
    Fish Wordmark
  2. Marks smart clever branding brand identity logo logotype mark
    View Marks
  3. LogoLounge Book 12! happy 12 playful fun monochrome milestone hidden clever iconic simple animal achievement award creative smart negative space mark symbol logolounge logo
    LogoLounge Book 12!
  4. Bear Logo minimalistic minimal bear design animal clever abstract simple lines brand identity symbol mark logo
    View Bear Logo
    Bear Logo
  5. Readline Logo Design & Branding best smart minimal simple tag initial r red brand lines branding design clever identity symbol mark logo bookmark read
    View Readline Logo Design & Branding
    Readline Logo Design & Branding
  6. electric swan negativespace electric swan bird design animal creative clever simple minimal logo
    View electric swan
    electric swan
  7. Fish Wordmark clever logo wordmark smart typography typeface negative space fish black animal mark icon design brand logo branding
    View Fish Wordmark
    Fish Wordmark
  8. Horse + D Letter Logo Concept initials horse d initial clever animal abstract simple lines brand identity symbol mark logo
    View Horse + D Letter Logo Concept
    Horse + D Letter Logo Concept
  9. H11 - Negative Space Logo branding design fintech fintech branding brand identity brand design iconic logo icon design smart logos clever logo branding icon identity design smart logo logo design logo icon h11 11 h negative space
    View H11 - Negative Space Logo
    H11 - Negative Space Logo
  10. LogoLounge12 design clever simple identity logo design colorful number letter brand animal collection book logolounge symbol mark logo
    View LogoLounge12
  11. paper monogram paper design animal creative clever simple minimal logo
    View paper
  12. Pine logo and short animation kreatank gif animation flat tree forest pine smart creative clever negative space type logo logotype word mark wordmark
    View Pine logo and short animation
    Pine logo and short animation
  13. ZeroHint Logo Design symbol mark logo clever logo initials initial home z tech technology branding concept branding agency branding line unique smart clever negative space
    View ZeroHint Logo Design
    ZeroHint Logo Design
  14. Hippo Logotype simple hippopotamus black and white unique creative typography font wordmark logotype initial h clever smart animal hippo negative space branding brand identity logo
    View Hippo Logotype
    Hippo Logotype
  15. Journey brand identity brand brand and identity j letter branding green logo clever logo logo icon branding icon identity negative space logo negativespace smart logo logodesign j icon j logo journey map compass journey
    View Journey
  16. Chameleon Logo ( kaluma ) logo designer clever logo identity logomark mark negative space symbol brand typography wordmark logotype branding animal logo animal chameleon chameleon logo logo design logos icon
    View Chameleon Logo ( kaluma )
    Chameleon Logo ( kaluma )
  17. R Exploration playful arrow tick technology geometry r letter identity abstract flat icon mark clever branding minimal logo
    View R Exploration
    R Exploration
  18. Novatec - identity system negativespace typeface geometry pattern monogram n letter identity abstract flat icon mark clever branding minimal logo
    View Novatec - identity system
    Novatec - identity system
  19. Speak wordmark word quote speak talk chat design creative clever minimal simple logo
  20. Smart Shopping logo design logotype negative space bird owl logo brand logo minimal clever smart shopping bag bag shopping shop owl
    Smart Shopping
  21. Bench kreatank bench simple flat clever smart creative typography font logotype type pattern gif animation logo
    View Bench
  22. Dog and Human human dog logos logo designer logo design dog logo animal animal logo branding wordmark typography brand symbol negative space mark logomark logos identity dog logo clever
    View Dog and Human
    Dog and Human
  23. One Man (1) branding logomark illustration identity mark symbol logo clever negative space logo negative space negativespace people human head face man
    View One Man (1)
    One Man (1)
  24. novatec negativespace technology tech monogram n letter identity abstract flat icon mark clever branding minimal logo
    View novatec
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