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  1. Candidate Pipeline – Hiring Platform intuitive interactive job tool backend management cards flow experience user interface ux ui clean candidates pipeline dashboard hiring animation
    View Candidate Pipeline – Hiring Platform
    Candidate Pipeline – Hiring Platform
  2. Dashboard - Business Report admin dashboard reports and data animation user interface backend analytics ux saas dashboard userexperience
    View Dashboard - Business Report
    Dashboard - Business Report
  3. Dashboard- Usages Report admin dashboard admin panel animation backend analytics saas ux dashboard userinterface userexperience
    View Dashboard- Usages Report
    Dashboard- Usages Report
  4. Inventory management- Order statistic sales dashboard inventory management order management animation admin dashboard backend analytics ux saas dashboard userinterface userexperience
    View Inventory management- Order statistic
    Inventory management- Order statistic
  5. Dashboard- Subscription Report animation reports and data admin dashboard userinterface backend analytics saas ux dashboard userexperience
    View Dashboard- Subscription Report
    Dashboard- Subscription Report
  6. Code Pal Website check code check developers data tech backend frontend programming coding code review development web ux ui startup service website interface
    View Code Pal Website
    Code Pal Website
  7. Inventory Management Dashboard animation ecommerce dashboard web app dashboard ui inventory management user interface backend analytics saas dashboard userexperience
    View Inventory Management Dashboard
    Inventory Management Dashboard
  8. Backend system backend system icon ux lists design financial card
    View Backend system
    Backend system
  9. Interactive Dashboard – Hiring Platform recruiting profile graphs candidates join smart dashboard usability user experience redesign platform hiring interaction reduced minimal ux ui design backend dashboard animation
    View Interactive Dashboard – Hiring Platform
    Interactive Dashboard – Hiring Platform
  10. Backend system backend system logo ui lists financial card
    Backend system
  11. NoTraffic Website traffic interaction backend frontend back-end front-end web development responsive development animation web design web ux ui design website
    NoTraffic Website
  12. Asyko dark app desktop backend ux ui test
    View Asyko
  13. Backend system lists logo icon illustration ui design app design card
    View Backend system
    Backend system
  14. UI Design purple painting people website frontend backend coding illustration uiuxdesign uidesign ui
    UI Design
  15. Technical dash code no-code dashboard dev developer backend technical dashboard dash dashboad technical tech ux ui style design minimal
    Technical dash
  16. Collection of SaaS and Enterprise design software backend clean website dashboard business b2b erp enterprise web saas crm
    View Collection of SaaS and Enterprise design
    Collection of SaaS and Enterprise design
  17. Software Dashboard backend design web application design web app design ui design material design material ui dashboard design
    View Software Dashboard
    Software Dashboard
  18. Chat bot training ui wizard forms bot chat backend admin freebie ux ui ui kit free dashboard
    View Chat bot training ui
    Chat bot training ui
  19. Transaction Flow - Banking Dashboard transactions clean motion balance kpi backend transactional smart dashboard banking app graphs animation ux bankingapp banking ui transaction
    View Transaction Flow - Banking Dashboard
    Transaction Flow - Banking Dashboard
  20. Skyshi Backend Builder icon vector logo illustration
    View Skyshi Backend Builder
    Skyshi Backend Builder
  21. Chatbot UI Kit 🤖 - Freebie .xd wizard kit ui ux freebie free forms dashboard chat gui backend admin
    View Chatbot UI Kit 🤖 - Freebie .xd
    Chatbot UI Kit 🤖 - Freebie .xd
  22. — Landing Page nocode coding storage branding database cloud 3d landingpage backend deploy drag drop busywork design illustration ux app clean ui npw
    View — Landing Page — Landing Page
  23. Backend system logo clean web design web fashion icon illustration ui ux design lists financial card
    View Backend system
    Backend system
  24. E-learning Company  Portal cybersecurity elearning dashboard elearning courses elearning dashboard backend analytics saas userinterface userexperience
    View E-learning Company Portal
    E-learning Company Portal
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