1. Daily UI #015 - On/Off Switch aftereffects animated animatedgif animation dailyui dailyui015 dailyuichallenge design elvish figma lord of the rings on off on off switch onoffswitch switch ui uidesign
    View Daily UI #015 - On/Off Switch
    Daily UI #015 - On/Off Switch
  2. Daily UI #014 - Countdown Timer countdown countdown timer countdowntimer dailyui dailyui014 dailyuichallenge disney figma figmadesign mandalorian starwars ui web webdesign
    View Daily UI #014 - Countdown Timer
    Daily UI #014 - Countdown Timer
  3. Daily UI #013 - Direct Messaging app app design dailyui dailyui013 dailyuichallenge design direct message direct messaging figma figmadesign message app messagge messaging messaging app mobile ui ui
    View Daily UI #013 - Direct Messaging
    Daily UI #013 - Direct Messaging
  4. Daily UI #012 - E-Commerce Shop app app design dailyui dailyui012 dailyuichallenge design ecommerce ecommerce shop ecommerceapp ecommerceappdesign figma figmadesign lord of the rings ui
    View Daily UI #012 - E-Commerce Shop
    Daily UI #012 - E-Commerce Shop
  5. Daily UI #011 - Flash Message app design branding dailyui dailyui011 dailyuichallenge design failure figma flash message flash messages redesign concept success ui website design
    View Daily UI #011 - Flash Message
    Daily UI #011 - Flash Message
  6. Daily UI #010 - Social Share animated gif animated ui animation dailyui dailyui010 dailyuichallenge design figma figma animation gif animation icons share buttons social icons social share social share button ui
    View Daily UI #010 - Social Share
    Daily UI #010 - Social Share
  7. Daily UI #009 - Music Player app app design dailyui dailyui009 dailyuichallenge figma mobile ui music music app music player music player app music player ui player ui ui
    View Daily UI #009 - Music Player
    Daily UI #009 - Music Player
  8. Daily UI #008 - 404 Page 404 404 error 404 error page 404 not found 404page dailyui dailyui008 dailyuichallenge figma miyazaki mobile responsive design responsive web design spirited away ui web webdesign website
    View Daily UI #008 - 404 Page
    Daily UI #008 - 404 Page
  9. Daily UI #007 - Settings black white blackandwhite dailyui dailyui007 dailyuichallenge ebook ebook layout figma kindle kobo reader redesign concept settings settings page settings ui ui
    View Daily UI #007 - Settings
    Daily UI #007 - Settings
  10. Online Roleplay Game - UI figma game gaming online gaming popup roleplaying rpg ui user interface
    View Online Roleplay Game - UI
    Online Roleplay Game - UI
  11. Daily UI #006 - User Profile app app design dailyui dailyui006 dailyuichallenge design deviantart figma profile profile design redesign redesign concept ui user user profile ux
    View Daily UI #006 - User Profile
    Daily UI #006 - User Profile
  12. Daily UI #005 - App Icon app app design app icon branding d20 dailyui dailyui005 dailyuichallenge design dice dnd figma gradient gradient logo gradients logo ui
    View Daily UI #005 - App Icon
    Daily UI #005 - App Icon
  13. Daily UI #004 - Calculator app calculator calculator app calculator ui dailyui dailyui004 dailyuichallenge design figma neon neon lights ui
    View Daily UI #004 - Calculator
    Daily UI #004 - Calculator
  14. Daily UI #003 - Landing Page dailyui dailyui003 dailyuichallenge design desktop figma landingpage ui website website design
    View Daily UI #003 - Landing Page
    Daily UI #003 - Landing Page
  15. Daily UI #002 - Credit Card Checkout app app design checkout creditcard creditcardcheckout dailyui dailyui 002 dailyuichallenge design figma ui ux ux ui
    View Daily UI #002 - Credit Card Checkout
    Daily UI #002 - Credit Card Checkout
  16. Daily UI #001 - Sign Up dailyui dailyui 001 design figma form redesign redesign concept registration form sign up form sign up ui ui ux web website website design
    View Daily UI #001 - Sign Up
    Daily UI #001 - Sign Up
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