1. Second Phase (Album Art) album art graphic design albumartwork album cover albumart
    View Second Phase (Album Art)
    Second Phase (Album Art)
  2. Pride Email Signature pride email marketing signature logo minimal motion design loop animation motion graphics
    View Pride Email Signature
    Pride Email Signature
  3. Durable and Affordable Plastic geometric minimal loop stretch flexible mixedmedia aftereffects 2d motion graphic motiongraphics motion design animation 3d magicoin affordable plastic durable
    View Durable and Affordable Plastic
    Durable and Affordable Plastic
  4. PazFuels Logo Animation geometric mograph vector motion design animation motion graphics logo logo animation branding text liquid oil pretrol fuel
    View PazFuels Logo Animation
    PazFuels Logo Animation
  5. SoCIAL Lite LGBT Logo Animation alcohol vodka branding looping vector minimal loop animation motion graphics mograph rainbow logo animation logo flag pride lgbt
    View SoCIAL Lite LGBT Logo Animation
    SoCIAL Lite LGBT Logo Animation
  6. Animism Studios Logo Animation branding studio reveal flashlight logo logo animation mograph motion design loop animation motion graphics
    View Animism Studios Logo Animation
    Animism Studios Logo Animation
  7. Cleanship Logo Animation looping animation looping loop fractal logo shipping naval sea ocean minimal matte logo animation water wave mograph motion graphics cleanship branding
    View Cleanship Logo Animation
    Cleanship Logo Animation
  8. Textured Glowing Jungle texture grit grain design illustration nature shroom gold glow leaf plants mushroom jungle
    View Textured Glowing Jungle
    Textured Glowing Jungle
  9. Subwoofer loopinggif looping animation design geometric minimal vector motion graphics sub boombox music music playing speaker subwoofer
    View Subwoofer
  10. Cut Costs - Currency Exchange exchange finance currency exchange currency shapes minimal loop illustrator motion design vector animation faux 3d spin magicoin coin 3d motion graphics
    View Cut Costs - Currency Exchange
    Cut Costs - Currency Exchange
  11. Building to Card Transition revolut sky after effects card building transition finance character design character animation motion design animation motion graphics
    View Building to Card Transition
    Building to Card Transition
  12. Bearded Character Waving illustration desert yellow finance bank man beard vector character explainer video mograph revolut greet hello wave 12fps character animation motion design motion graphics
    View Bearded Character Waving
    Bearded Character Waving
  13. Parametric EQ loop motion graphics illustration design slider sliders eq music production music equaliser equalizer parametric
    View Parametric EQ
    Parametric EQ
  14. Liquid Lines psychedelic trippy lineart fractal noise geometric mograph motion design minimal loop animation motion graphics
    View Liquid Lines
    Liquid Lines
  15. Metronome beat rhythm tempo music time shapes geometric vector mograph motion design minimal loop illustrator animation motion graphics metronome
    View Metronome
  16. Mirage Music Video (Still 1) footage music producer electronica psychedelia visual effects visuals vfx psychedelic art music video psychedelic trippy animation
    View Mirage Music Video (Still 1)
    Mirage Music Video (Still 1)
  17. The World is Watching earth globe atlas shapes geometric vector graphics mograph motion design animation illustrator motion graphics
    View The World is Watching
    The World is Watching
  18. Portal Installation illustration characterdesign motion graphics design looping loop motion graphics device buzzer apartment flat communication hello portal doorport
    View Portal Installation
    Portal Installation
  19. Pirouette pirouette faux 3d rotation fake 3d 2.5d character animation character design 360 degree spin vector mograph illustrator animation motion graphics
    View Pirouette
  20. Sliders rubberhose character design character animation slider shapes motion design loop minimal illustrator animation motion graphics
    View Sliders
  21. Hive minimal illustrator illustration looping loop animation hive beehive shapes geometric sacredgeometry geometry nature hexagon vector mograph design motion graphics
    View Hive
  22. Dancing Shapes easy square circle switch swap shapes vector geometric mograph loop motion design minimal illustrator animation motion graphics
    View Dancing Shapes
    Dancing Shapes
  23. Target Practice vector line art illustration minimal loop mograph animation motion graphics crosshair archery target practice target arrow
    View Target Practice
    Target Practice
  24. Teddy Bear Rig Test mograph teddybear loop joysticks n sliders character bear shapes motion design illustrator animation motion graphics
    View Teddy Bear Rig Test
    Teddy Bear Rig Test
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