1. World Cup Poster data data visualization infographic poster visualization world cup
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    World Cup Poster
  2. World Cup chart data data visualization infographic visualization world cup
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    World Cup
  3. By the Baker branding hangtags identity stamps
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    By the Baker
  4. Wanderful book design editorial handwriting layout print design spread
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  5. Jersey Ice Cream Company branding identity logo
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    Jersey Ice Cream Company
  6. Of Mercer Postcard branding clothing company nyc packaging print design
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    Of Mercer Postcard
  7. Custom Laundry Bag branding design product design
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    Custom Laundry Bag
  8. Bueno logo
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  9. J.Crew x CFDA Floor Decal cfda decal event jcrew jcrewxcvff vogue
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    J.Crew x CFDA Floor Decal
  10. Parcel Branding branding business card kraft nyc parcel print stamp
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    Parcel Branding
  11. Refinery29 Illustration illustration refinery29
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    Refinery29 Illustration
  12. J.Crew Catalogs catalog jcrew neon
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    J.Crew Catalogs
  13. Pool Party handdone invitation type
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    Pool Party
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